A few months ago I was having some very minor saddle fitting challenges. The first thing both the physiotherapist and saddle fitter stated was simply to throw on a Mattes pad and call it a day. I’d grown partial to my ThinLine half pad these last 4 years so that threw a monkey wrench in my perfect tacking routine. Then it hit me. I bet ThinLine has something similar so I contacted them and point blank asked what’s the difference between their sheepskin half pad and the Mattes? The reply was simple. The Mattes doesn’t have the ThinLine technology. Well, that was good enough for me.

Come to find out the ThinLine Sheepskin also offers shims as an option which is super if you’re riding the same saddle with multiple horses or if you’re riding the same horse who’s body is ever developing. So I’ve retired my ThinLine half pad that’s served me oh so well. It traveled to Holland and back with me when I was training over there, down to Wellington as well as up north to Maryland and it still feels the same as the day I took it out of the box when it arrived!

Below is some more info about this half pad I’ve been using the last 3 or 4 months so far. It washes super easy, looks great and my saddle hasn’t fit better! Of course, Made in the USA is always a plus and this ThinLine is! They simply rock as a company!

Buy the Ultra ThinLine Sheepskin English Comfort Half Pad for $250 from the folks at Equestrian Collections. ThinLine also has some pretty amazing other products. I’ve been using their girth for years now and it’s awesome and they even have a western line as well. Go check them out at thinlineglobal.com.

Ultra ThinLine Sheepskin English Comfort Half Pad
The Sheepskin Comfort Half Pad is made of 100% medical grade merino sheepskin (full sheepskin underneath) offering the benefits of sheepskin and the performance aspects of Ultra ThinLine. Panels of Ultra ThinLine are sewn on either side of the spine, creating a higher wither profile and spine break for better fit and conformity to maximize protection and comfort for the horse and rider.
As an added benefit, this pad is also “shimmable” for

  • riding mulitple horses in the same saddle
  • horses changing shape
  • to modify saddle fit–without having to buy another saddle! Click here for inserts to this pad
  • This pad is available in three colors: black, white, and natural and two sizes:
  • Medium: measures 18″ between the rolls and 23″ including the rolls
  • Large: measures 19 1/4″ between the rolls and 24″ including the rolls.

If your saddle has large or wide panels, choose the large. As a general rule of thumb, most saddles up to 17.5″ fit on a medium, however due to brand variety, please measure your saddle panels to ensure you select the appropriate size for proper fit and comfort for your horse. Your saddle panels must not hang over the ThinLine panels on the pad.


  • I LOVE my Ultra ThinLine Sheepskin half pad. I have a very bad back with degenerative disc disease. I found this pad and it makes all the difference in how I feel during and after riding. I noticed that when I didn’t use it one day, the drive home after that lesson was horrible and I could barely move. I will never again ride without my ThinLine.

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