Lucy’s new halter

October 31, 2008

Lucy has a new halter. Janette was making fun of the bright color but I say, hey! that’s HorseGirlTV teal! Tehe!

Horse shopping in Pennsylvania

October 27, 2008

Yup HorseGirl is back in the market for a talent dressage horse. Had a nice, yet short, shopping trip up to PA. It’s Amish country and oh so beautiful. Too much fun watching horse drawn buggies pull folks down the road as well as watch horses plow the fields! I’d gone back in time about a century! The farms were rustic but amazing! So the photography isn’t the best but try driving past a horse draw buggy, watching it and trying to take a photo with your iPhone at the same time too. Heh!


October 27, 2008

Ex will get it and that’s all that matters with this one! 🙂

My first time in Maryland

October 26, 2008

From what I hear, they say don’t judge the state by Baltimore but I spent a bit of time driving from DC through Baltimore and into PA to horse shop. The countryside is AMAZING and I was soooo lucky to drive through it at this time of year! No pretty picts of Maryland but I did snap a picture of the highway sign to prove I was there.

Washington International Horse Show

October 23, 2008

It was great fun but lots of work. We captured some fabulous interviews that you should stay tuned for in the future.


Thursday Hunt Night:

Terrier races at WIHS & Gus!

October 23, 2008

Forget the fancy celebrities in attendance. Forget the accomplished Olympic riders. Forget the rows and rows of amazing vendors. I was soooo excited when I noticed Gus Forbush working the terrier races on the floor Thursday night!

I’m just joking about forgetting about all the cool things that make WIHS such a fun show but I have to say getting to say hi and visit briefly with Gus as well as his wife Sandra really made my trip worth while! They are such wonderful people and such genuine horse folks! I hope I can figure out how to get up to VA and go out hilltopping with them this season!

Oh yeah… the terrier races were fun to and what an exciting surprise to run into Wendy from Horse Country walking two successful racing terriers with her! It felt like a family reunion for me that night!

Almost Oregon

October 21, 2008

Well, not quite but if you add in lots of evergreens then western North Carolina could look kinda like Oregon. 🙂

Chelsea’s welcome to VA Intermont College

October 21, 2008

I drove over to Bristol, VA (pretty much Tennessee actually) to pick up Chelsea as her folks were so kind to allow her to PA for the WIHS shoots. Picollo and I were welcomed with an artistic door sign. Ah dorm life!!

I was able to watch Chelsea’s jumping lesson the next morning and meet a few of her classmates plus I brought along a few HorseGirlTV t-shirts for her to give away to the girls of VIC!

Oh and I can’t forget the cool horse skeleton in one of their classrooms. Evidently it was one of the VIC school horses from years back but hopefully that’s just a urban legend. Doh.

HOOF-it peeps! innovative, kewl AND fun too!

October 17, 2008

i met up with the HOOF-it folks the day after our shoot. for lack of more cultured places to meet up in this area we chose starbucks to toss around ideas, talk about horses, both the world of horses and technology and life in general. i had the best time with these guys on so many different levels. the shoot with leslie was fabulous and lots of good education passed and just general chatter about life, horses and technology was something i was evidently craving this week! this first picture is left to right; danny, me and leslie and the second photo taken outside was me trying to show off my large starbucks cup! haha! notice the thinline hoof pads in danny’s hand? i love connecting cool, smart people in our industry and who better than hoof-it and thinline? it’s been an über busy but terribly fun week!

danny, me & leslie:

trying to get starbucks into the picture: