Much to be thankful for!

November 22, 2007

Look at that beautiful Thanksgiving Dinner table! Ex made the juiciest turkey ever stuffed with my mom’s cornbread dressing recipe! He also made his mom’s recipe for candied sweet potatoes and I tackled the pumpkin pie. We enjoyed a simple bottle of Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Villages. A good and inexpensive wine crafted in the, obviously, Beaujolais region. It’s a simple, drinkable wine that you can pair with almost anything. I first tasted it at Brad & George’s place several years back and was impressed!

Like true American’s, we laid around all morning doing lots of nothing, began cooking and baking about noon and dinner was finished at 1700. We have lots to be thankful for this year one of which is that we were together. HorseGirlTV is going far better than I could expect and Ex’s in a good position being close to graduation at The Basic School and ready to begin the Infantry Officer’s Course in January. We’re headed home to Oregon for a few days for Christmas and life in general is just really good!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Marine Corp Birthday Ball

November 11, 2007

Yesterday was the 232nd celebration of the United States Marine Corp Birthday. It’s a big deal for Marines everywhere and people plan for the event months and months in advance. We traveled down to Richmond as it was held in the Marriott downtown. The hall was lovely and the gowns equally impressive not to mention the presence of some 600 Marines in dress uniforms (think tuxedo with a royal flare). This was my first year and I was impressed. They presented colors, held a traditional cutting of the cake in which the oldest and youngest Marine present is served first, a honored guests speaks, dinner is served and dancing ensues. It was quite the evening and we had a great time. The event was held right across the street from where we met Sheryl from FITS Riding at an equine vendors convention! All and all it was a special evening and I must say that we were quite the handsome couple!


November 1, 2007

What’s shaking at HorseGirlTV? Me!!! I’ve had way, wayyyyyyyyy too much coffee today, been chatting with some great potential partners for our show and we shot a really fun introduction to episode 13 to continue our series for The International Gold Cup Races! Yahoo! Let’s see what else happened this week? I hear Jo (the horse) is being a superstar that he is and that Dirk is having a blast with him! Jo (the boyfriend) was out freezing in the field earlier this week and finds out his MOS here shortly! Picollo (the dog) realized that eating pork bones is NOT a good thing and I, well honestly it’s been such a long, long week with so many highs and lows and long hours that I can barely remember what happened. Tehe! Gosh! What did I do?.. notes on rough and final cuts, voice over work, meeting with potential partners, working with IT on web dev stuff, looking for a personal assistant (this one is gonna happen soon and I’m sooooo excited about it), brainstorming with Ex (always fun) and oh yes Halloween with no trick-or-treaters and a definite longing for The Black Sheep. Bahhhhh! Big stuff happening Monday and Tuesday of next week with more fun announcements to follow!