Carrara hanging out

December 22, 2008

Carrara enjoys the sun and hanging out in her cool ThinLine front sport boots. We’re trying them out altho I think they might be a touch too small for her.

tractor for sale

December 15, 2008

we found this really kewl 1953 john deere for sale and are hoping to buy it. the tractor comes with a couple acres, barn and a house too! 🙂 more to come on this one!

Orchids & Deer Stew

December 14, 2008

i’m making deer stew again! the boys loved it when josh was visiting so hopefully i’ll be lucky this time around as well as this is a different cut. thanks ter!!!!

i was enjoying the budding orchid while vegi chopping. this is the first, of many, orchids i have yet to let die. it’s in a perfect spot in the window and this will be the second time it buds since we got here!

Decorating the OWC Tea Before Christmas Tree

December 10, 2008

The 3/9 spouses decorated a tree/table for the OWC Tea Before Christmas event. Notice I’m wearing (as always now) one of my Bluhorse Polos. Well, that’s what happens when a gal comes from the barn to help decorate! I’m sure there was at least one person that wondered what “eyes up” embroidered at my back waistline meant as that doesn’t translate very well outside the horse world! LOL! Check all the version out online at