Wellington Or Bust – From Eastern North Carolina To Southern Florida And Week One

February 14, 2012

I’m super busy right now with HorseGirlTV admin work, training, writing and prepping for super interviews this week with Ingram Training Stable & SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Veterinarian, Dr. Frank Pellegrini but fans have been requesting a blog about the trip down to Wellington so here’s some photos! I hope you like them!

North Carolina “in my rear view mirror” so to speak. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss my farm. I have THE BEST footing, super private setup and a small handful of super neat horsey friends but being able to throw a rock and hit a handful of talented riders (not that I would, hehe) is a huge draw!

Welcome to South Carolina!


Welcome to Georgia!


Rolled 40,000 on the Tundra driving down! Yeah to my super truck!

It’s Hansel somewhere around or south of Georgia?


It’s Jacksonville, FL and the downtown area looks actually quite pretty as best I could tell after 8 hours driving and a quick snap with the iPhone 4S!


Picollo is a super travel companion but he’s not great on the convo unless he hears the blinkers are on which usually means we’re stopping for petrol!


Arrived, unpacked, not settled yet tho. Here’s the arena behind those lush and beautiful palm trees at Carol’s facility.


A well deserved romp in the paddock after 13 hours standing in the horse box! Go Hansel!


Me and Hansel in the mirrors (yeah mirrors and seeing what we actually look like!!!!!).

Look how pretty the gallop field is!


YES! They sell horse feed in the market here! Pretty neat chain markets called Publix with some really nice looking vegetables!

Hansel gets his first set of real sport horse shoes!!!! Thanks Nacho! Super duper job and thanks for taking the time to chat with me about his way of going and really get a solid pair on him. I love them!!!!!


My SUCCEED embroidered, Back on Track saddle pads arrived! The Absorbine ones will be ready soon!


Life down in So FL traveling around can be so tiring on the little pup! Picollo certainly loves his new squeeky toy tho!

Just another CDI 3* in So FL! Nah really it was exciting to watch some super rides including my friend Mary!


Met THE equine massage therapist in Wellington tonight Sal (http://www.salmassage.com/), watched him work, talked about maybe interviewing him for HorseGirlTV then a little impromptu first time experience at WEF! Margie won the $125,000 this night and yes this goes for 14 weeks and the prizes just get larger and larger. I’m in heaven! Can I just move here full time??


Yeah! Congrats Mary on your 2nd place in the CDI I1 freestyle this past weekend at JBC in Wellington! Super job!!!