Our site mentioned on Ultimate Dressage!

May 15, 2007

This is all starting to happen really fast. Episode two is launched! We’ve been plying our editor extraordinaire with tasty grub worms and Caramel Frappacinos and he is just finishing up the export of our final movie file to get it down to 100MB and under for our YouTube channel then we’ll have a complete release for the second show across our official site, iTunes and YouTube. I’ve been working too hard to notice until the past few days just how many positive comments there are out there about the show and it’s absolutely fabulous. We have some great, all five star, reviews on iTunes which means a lot, we are getting YouTube subscribers, our Myspace friends list is growing and now to top it off some kind person posted to the Ultimate Dressage newsgroup a nice comment about us! THANKS to whomever “coopersmom” is as we really appreciate the link and thanks to Ultimate Dressage for having such a wicked cool place for dressage enthusiasts to network!

Please keep the feedback coming in! I can’t wait to get Episode three launched on June 1st. We are really becoming well rounded with our dressage pilot, importing horses follow-up and future release of our reining episode! Yahoo!

Also, stayed tuned as we’re planning a “the buzz” bi-monthly news segment so you’ll soon be able to watch new material on HorseGirlTV EVERY week.