Barn Prep

February 25, 2009

Before my barn is delivered I needed to do some prep with footing and cement!


Holes filled in!


HorseGirlTV Awarded USEF 2008 Pegasus Best Broadcast Media

February 20, 2009

I don’t normally put HorseGirlTV press releases in my blog but I was so honored at what Jim said that I just have to share! Enjoy! Check out the pict at the bottom too as I really did run into the luncheon (knit cap, mitten, down coat, uggs and all fresh off the plane and ground transport. What wasn’t included in the PR is that when I was walking up there, David was saying something like “Angelea will be modeling our winter fashions for us today.” and I was looking around seeing all these people in suits and nice dresses. Oh well! It was great and they thought me yelling from the back of the room was cute but honestly I didn’t know what else to do!


Congratulations USEF Award Winner HorseGirlTV

HUBERT, Nc February 19, 2009 The Internet’s premier equine-based series, HorseGirlTV, and dressage rider Angelea Kelly were honored during the U.S. Equestrian Federation Annual Meeting this past January. Angelea’s production company HorseGirlTV received the 2008 USEF Best Broadcast Media Pegasus Award for its webisode “Inside Stübben North America.”

In true HorseGirlTV over the top style and thanks to flight delays, Angelea walked into the Hall of Mirrors banquet room the exact instance governing body president, David O’ Connor, was announcing her travel difficulties and inability to be there. A boisterous ‘I’m here!’ echoed from the back of the hall. Bags in hand, Angelea ran up to the podium to receive the award in person.

“All I could think in that moment upon arriving is ‘I’m missing it’ and ‘Oh my gosh, I just yelled at the USEF President!’,” Angelea said smiling.

Angelea produced the prize winning piece but likewise is a true Stübben advocate, riding her 8 year old mare by Contucci in a Stübben. A long-time dressage rider, Angelea has competed through Grand Prix earning both her USDF Silver and Gold Medals with international aspirations.

“I’ve had more custom saddles burn holes in my pocketbook than I care to remember and have been through over a dozen off the rack saddles but it wasn’t until Jim and Buddy at Stübben explained to me their philosophies and the basics of how they have made Stübbens for years and years I started to be sold. Seeing their craftsmanship in each was a big point for me. My mare, Carrara, and I have big plans together so finding a saddle that works for both of us takes away one huge step of getting into the big arena someday!” Angelea explained. “I’m so honored to have had the chance to see Stübben North America first hand and meet all the great folks there! Maybe someday they will invite me to Germany!”

Jim Erhmann, President – Stübben North America had this to say, “As a manufacturer of high performance equipment, quality and value are just a few of the terms we use to explain our products. The innovation and craftsmanship built into our products have always been legendary, and we thank Angelea for her professional commitment to the horse industry as a whole, and in particular her personal direction on the segment filmed at Stübben headquarters. As a family owned company for over 114 years, we welcome Angelea into our family, and look forward to a stronger working relationship into the future.”

About HorseGirlTV:
HorseGirlTV is an Internet series hosted by Angelea K. producing educational and entertaining webisodes. The goal at HorseGirlTV is to educate the equine community while simultaneous entertaining and educating kids, families and mainstream audiences exposing the wonderful world of horses to the world thus enriching and expanding our industry.

For more information on HorseGirlTV, check out their website at HorseGirlTV is equine entertainment for the wired generation! Send advertising inquiries to

About Stübben:
The history of Stübben is based on a family tradition. Founded in 1894, it reflects the diversity and individuality of the European continent and of European culture. The company has survived traumatic events, including two world wars, and has grown to worldwide recognition. Stübben is the name of a family business. We as a family bear this name with pride and, together with the entire Stübben staff past and present who have ever worked for our company, feel strongly obliged and destined to preserve this heritage.

For more information on Stübben, check out their website at


We ‘Found’ Our Wash Rack!

February 17, 2009

Actually I’m not really kidding. We’ve been slowly cleaning and getting rid of the trash and a big part of that has been the massive fish tank system he had up. I prefer to think of it as an eye sore but… Now it’s gone and we found underneath one a concrete pad and drain just perfect for a future wash rack!!!

the last fiberglass tub standing…

what luck, concrete pad and a drain underneath feet of gravel and rocks

just pop off the fiberglass

and a future unique, round wash rack remains!

Zita Obedience School

February 14, 2009

Here’s little Zita at obiedence school with Ex and Richard. Boy she’s shaping up into a well trained young pup!

A Hard Days Work

February 9, 2009

Let’s see… More trash clean up, stump removal, pull up old fence posts, work on tractor, burn paper products and some wood. one gets a tad dirty at the end of a day like this! look how happy he is tho! nice plug for the black sheep too! if you’re ever in ashland, oregon definitely check the out. they are online at


Plethora Of Colors

February 9, 2009

It’s been one clean up project after another with all the junk that was left here on the farm but it’s honestly been fun and the hard work soooo rewarding. we were left with oodles of paint and sadly they were too old to use and there’s not a way to recycle so they are slowly drying out with the unfortunate future of becoming landfill. 🙁


Picollo Helps

February 8, 2009

With Zita away at doggie training (check out Picollo was getting bored so he decided to help with the fencing and stump removal project for the afternoon. 🙂

Picollo hard at work…

Ex hard at work too…

It Never Rains In Southern California

February 5, 2009

Well it rains there sometimes but i thought for certain that it doesn’t get to friggin 15 degrees F in North Carolina. What the heck??? Even with frozen pipes horseys still need water so the kitchen sink was the next best option and hey bring out a couple of buckets of really hot water and that just melts the existing ice away!


More Steel

February 3, 2009

Smiling like a young pup bringing home a freshly killed snake, Ex rolled up with the John Deere and this old John Deere hay bailer in tow. Wait a minute! Why is this thing in our backyard I thought. He was just too excited about pulling it out of the corner of the field where it has sat rusting for lord knows how many years! Anyway… this too was picked up for steel recycling. I’m quite sure these salvage guys picked up several hundred extra in steel from us!