The ultimate gated community

June 19, 2008

We’ve moved yet again! We now live in the ultimate gated community complete with tennis, golf, swimming, grocery, shopping, cleaners, STABLES, florist, liquor store, gas station, restaurants, hospital, USPS, movie theater, several gyms, fresh AND salt water fishing, ocean front beach, marina, Ex’s job and the list goes on and on.

We’ve moved aboard Camp Lejeune in North Carolina and it is SO great for Ex to have only a 4 minute commute to work, living in a nice quiet neighborhood. Our first night here some of our neighbors came over to bring a home-baked loaf of bread and say welcome to the neighborhood. It’s like we’re living in the 1950s again but it’s GREAT! Apart from the occasional helicopter passing over, distance machine gun fire and boom from mortar rounds it’s simply perfect. 🙂

Our Home ↓

Signage @ Residence ↓

Story by Cameron

June 17, 2008

It’s about 5 o’ clock in the morning and I’m dragging myself from bed still reminiscing about the homecoming dance the night before. So I finally get the energy to get up and start rushing around, brushing the 10 pounds of hair spray out of my hair from my up do and ironing my show attire. Before I know it everything for the day is loaded into the car and my mom and I start our long hall to Fields and Fences in Roscoe, IL the location of the 2005 Northern Illinois horseback riding finals. Since I spent most of the car ride there sleeping next thing I know we’re at the show grounds and unloading everything we had just put into the car. After we get all settled my nerves kick in.

I had only been invited to compete in Mini Medals for my division, which means that I hadn’t actually qualified by winning, but had scored well enough to be considered. This put a lot of extra pressure on me because I would be competing against the best in my division and a girl on my own team who was leading everyone in points. It was only my second year on this circuit and I had no idea what to expect. I finally meet up with my trainer who was equally tired and reluctantly decides to walk the course with me and the other girl on my team. Now since my teammate, was currently winning the division the whole time we’re walking my trainer pays most attention to her giving her extra tips and telling me to just try and get through the course. Now as if I wasn’t nervous enough I’m told the order of go will be reversed so the person with the least points, me, will go first and the person with the most will go last. On top of this they need someone to sing the national anthem, so my friend knowing that I sing volunteers me. After I sing the national anthem in the announcer’s booth I run back downstairs to hop on my horse and ride into the arena scared out of my mind with tons of people watching. I’m thinking to myself I don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell to not embarrass myself, but I finish my course anyway and it’s not half bad. I listen for my score, 76, and as I keep listening I realize I’m beating girls who have been doing this since they could walk and are riding horses ten times the expense of mine. By the end of all the trips I’m in fifth place and who would have guessed it, my trainer’s prodigy is trailing me in sixth. We are both called back with five other riders to compete in the call back test. After all is said and done I wound up in fourth place year end and the previous team leader in sixth. It was supposed to be, her year to win it,  everyone on the team had said. To them I hadn’t even been an option. I didn’t even expect to place. I just wanted to leave without making a fool of myself. Fourth felt like first to me, but to my teammate being sixth and below her inexperienced teammate made her furious. It taught me a lot about myself and other people. You should never underestimate people or yourself and even when others don’t believe in you it is okay to go for what you want.  Who knows you might just surprise everyone, even yourself.   


How To Tie A Stock Tie

June 15, 2008

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How To Tie A Stock Tie

You’ve requested it ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS! You guys want more how to stuff and we’ve had several calls for stock tie help. You’ve asked for it and you’ve got it. Learn how simple it is to tie a beautiful stock tie and make your pre-tied stock obsolete!

An old friend/coffee client blogged me…

June 9, 2008

And it took me back to those carefree days in a little Oregon town when all I worried about was making espresso, writing and studying computers. Read on below or you can read the full post online at The RhodesTer Chronicles.

In 1994.. or was it 95?.. coffeesister and I had just moved into a new house in Ashland Oregon. Being the early formative years of the internet, she still hadn’t come up with an appropriate online moniker to use for everything, so we decided to go to a local coffeehouse and have some coffee while trying to come up with something. Our Barista that day was a young lady named Angelea, who was working her way through college at the time and looking forward to becoming a bigshot in the newly developing Internet world.

We finished our coffee and left the coffeehouse without having yet come up with an appropriate username for coffeesister, but Angelea went on to graduate with some kind of fancy degree and promptly went to work for a local Internet firm, which was later bought out by the now defunct Geocities, which in turn was snatched up by a little company that calls itself YAHOO. We didn’t frequent the same social circles that she did, but we’d see her around town and she’d see us, and we’d wave at each other in passing. Once in a while, we’d actually stop and talk, or have a brief hello at The Black Sheep, which was the local pub in town. In Ashland, “The Sheep” is the place to see and be seen, and we’d see Angelea in there a lot. She’d see us too. We’d exchange smiles and friendly glances over fish & chips, beer and spotted dick.

She WAS a “geek girl” in the truest sense, a fact made obvious to the general public every time she took her Beemer out for a spin because her personalized plate announced to all that a “geekgrl” was behind the wheel. We moved out of there in 2000, and I don’t know if she left sometime after that or just before, but leave she did, and I didn’t know of her whereabouts or latests endeavors until now. While simply doing a bit of websurfing yesterday, I happened upon..

I think I remember her saying something about a fondness for horses right along with computers way back on that first day at the coffeehouse, so I can’t tell you what an exhilarating surprise it was to stumble upon the fruition of her combined desires in the form of a podcast that’s all about horses this many years down the trail.

I always thought she’d combine her two passions by coming up with a way for computer enthusiasts to stay connected while horseback riding by inventing some sort of saddle-top wireless computer system. But instead, Angelea (pronounced “Angela”), hosts HorseGirlTV, and I’m not sure if she has a hand in the production of it, but I wouldn’t put it past her “geekgrl” abilities – it’s slick and very professional. It’s also WAY more information on horses than I can use personally, but I’ve watched about half of the episodes that have been posted so far and I’m duly impressed. She’s personable, friendly and she knows more about horses than I ever will, which isn’t saying much, but if she keeps on fronting the shows I’ll keep watching them and learning. She’s always been nice to look at, but that’s not the most important thing when we need to know what kind of breeches to wear while riding in the snow, now is it?

And as I recall, she makes a fairly decent cappuccino too.

PS. We finally came up with coffeesister’s perfectly appropriate username over a couple of beers at “The Sheep”.

Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh my!

June 4, 2008

Clubs and Publishers and Sites. Oh my! This is brief. Time is short. I’ve been developing the new website for the Officer’s Wives (Spouses) Club for Camp Lejeune, emailing with publishers and working on my book, HorseGirlTV site development, production shoots and future scheduling so it’s been a bit hectic but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

We get up at 0530 every morning (more or less) and by late afternoon and early evening, I’m brain-dead. It’s dinner and off to bed by 2130!

Back to work for now!