Ride For Life!

May 29, 2009

I had a rocking interview with Barbara Strawson (International Rider & Trainer) who was so kind as to take time away from her CDI in Raleigh to come out to the farm and talk with me! Wow! She was awesome and I discovered quite a bit more about what a great event the Ride For Life is. They raised over $80,000 last year for breast cancer and hope since it tis their 6 year anniversary well… 6 years = 6 figures! I really hope they can pull in over $100,000.

Check them out online if you get a chance at http://www.pvdarideforlife.org/ and here’s a sweet pict with me and Barb post shoot! Oddly enough the colors were amazing and this image is NOT photoshopped! Wow!


Thanks HorseLink!

May 22, 2009

Wow. I thought it was kewl for Trail Rider to promo HorseGirlTV and BluHorse in their print mag. It’s just too fab that we’re in their e-zine! The publishing world is fast changing and I’m so happy and honored to be along for the ride and help the shaping of it! Check out the page online at HorseLink Magazine. My only beef, they do need to turn down the preset audio a tiny bit on the autoplay commercial. Here’s the screen capture!


HorseGirlTV will actually have some commercial segments in this magazine as well. Our latest episode on muscle care will be done in 30 second spots to highlight the awesome Absorbine Vet Lin products.

Just so much fun stuff happening!

June Production Schedule

May 21, 2009

I have a pretty busy production schedule for June to dial in all the webisodes I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. By the end of this month, we’ll be locked on with our line up of shows through the end of this year. This is great as it frees up the bulk of my time to ride and prepare for relocating to Holland in mid/late August!

What is going into production this coming month? We’ll be sticking with the innovators theme and shooting an interview with Draper Equine Therapy (cool hi tech products for horse and human!), Brenderup highlights (my favorite things about my Brenderup Royal horse box), meeting with Frank & CeCe to delve into the artistry of musical freestyle creation and I’ll also be putting together a piece on bridle fit since I’m facing the challenge of the proper curb for Carrara right now. Also… I’m hoping to finish the court as well as the “how to build a function dressage court without paying thousands for a pre-fab” not to mention the very expensive freight associated with them all currently!

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone. Draper has their dates locked on and announced our upcoming interview in their newsletter today so I thought I should share.

June should be a fun and full month!


Breakfast At Tiffany’s

May 21, 2009

So, in my “spare time” I volunteer for a local organization that awards scholarships to high school seniors. In the last 12 months their functions and benefits raised over $21,000 to give in scholarships. This was announced at the annual voting luncheon for the next years board. As my luck and wardrobe would have it, the theme was Breakfast At Tiffany’s and when I heard a few gals were going all out dressing up, I pulled my little feather hat, satin gloves and velvet out hiding! They are a great group of women doing lots of good for local kids and supporting the community AND they throw a fabulous voting luncheon to boot! This is me and three other “Audrey’s” who dressed the part for the event. Too cute! 057

High Tech Horse Apparel

May 16, 2009

A typical training session at my farm is followed by a Vet Lin & water rub down, some light massage of chest, back and loin with a relaxing hand walk. Today’s post training routine has a high tech anti-sweat sheet added to the mix. I’m trying out a Draper Equine Therapy Anti-Sweat Sheet from my friend Kat. The fit is perfect. The material oh so supple and I’m looking forward to seeing how well it washes in a week or so! They are really cool people and I’m hoping to get them down here to the farm for an interview and future webisode in June! Check them out online at http://www.drapertherapies.com


Big Mare, Little Horse Box

May 9, 2009

Driving home from picking up the horse box in Knoxville, TN yesterday and seeing the inside stall area it did cross my mind, how on earth would my mare fit in there as she is a pretty big horse. Well, after training today and a nice liniment sponge bath she just walked right in. She fits!!! We hung out for a bit inside until she relaxed then she casually back out and returned to her box in the barn for some lunch. What a good horse!

Thanks Brenderup. I can’t wait to shoot this piece and go over all the kewl features of this tranporter!!!




Thanks Trail Rider!

May 6, 2009

HorseGirlTV proudly promotes Bluhorse Polos and Trail Rider was kind enough to publish a bit about the polos. They are super fit for equestrian bodies (especially in the shoulders and waist). The folks at Bluhorse couldn’t be nicer and more giving to the industry so it was a great shout out!

You can check them out online at HorseGirlTV’s store shop.horsegirltv.com or go directly to Bluhorse Clothing bluhorseclothing.com! And of course you can check out Trail Rider through their parent company MyHorse myhorse.com!