I have a pretty busy production schedule for June to dial in all the webisodes I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. By the end of this month, we’ll be locked on with our line up of shows through the end of this year. This is great as it frees up the bulk of my time to ride and prepare for relocating to Holland in mid/late August!

What is going into production this coming month? We’ll be sticking with the innovators theme and shooting an interview with Draper Equine Therapy (cool hi tech products for horse and human!), Brenderup highlights (my favorite things about my Brenderup Royal horse box), meeting with Frank & CeCe to delve into the artistry of musical freestyle creation and I’ll also be putting together a piece on bridle fit since I’m facing the challenge of the proper curb for Carrara right now. Also… I’m hoping to finish the court as well as the “how to build a function dressage court without paying thousands for a pre-fab” not to mention the very expensive freight associated with them all currently!

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone. Draper has their dates locked on and announced our upcoming interview in their newsletter today so I thought I should share.

June should be a fun and full month!