First Nights Sleep In The Barn

March 28, 2009

Here’s a cute picture of Cararra’s first night in her barn! We’ve been riding regularly and are planning to enter our first show together and her first show EVER here very soon!


The Perimeter Fence Goes In!

March 21, 2009

We’re getting the perimeter fence up. Ex is a master of mixing concrete and leveling fence posts!


Adding A Solid Foot To The Barn

March 17, 2009

It was not nearly as easy as it looks but we rolled in DG (or processed fill or stone dust or whatever your local area quarry calls it!). It was fun (moreso rewarding) but gosh my back was aching for days!

The delivery:


The pile to move into the barn:


The initial pass and level:


My New ABI Arena Tool

March 15, 2009

Check out what ABI sent for me to try out. It’s a combo of two of their popular selling units. Perhaps if they market it to the public, they’ll call it the HorseGirlTV Rake?


A Blurry Me & Miss Rodeo America

March 14, 2009

This was post interview and just too much fun playing with Absorbine products in the wash racks at Middle Tennessee State University!