Picollo has a fancy new collar!

March 18, 2008

HorseGirlTV was welcomed back to our favorite tack store, Horse Country, today and allowed to shoot an episode with Jeff Ketzler from Dehner boots. Picollo got in the act this time and was welcomed into the store and gifted his first fancy leather collar! Yawning through his photo shoot this evening I wasn’t really able to get a good shot of it but you get the idea.

Tomorrow I shoot an episode with Stubben! I’m quite excited and honored to be able to interview some of the top companies in the industry this week!

Happy Birthday Mr. HorseGirlTV!

March 8, 2008

So Ex didn’t get a surprise party this year but he did get another pair of boots! This year not cowboy. Nope. This year they were dress boots! It was too mucky to car follow Old Dominion Hounds this morning but that didn’t stop us from going to Horse Country where Ex bought himself his first pair of breeches (and WAY nicer than any I’ve had in my years of riding, tehe). Marion gave Ex an awesome pair of boot pulls for his fancy previously new boots and, as always, it was awesome to get to see everyone there and just look around. I picked a second Rita Mae Brown book as I’m really enjoying her first fox hunting novel titled “Outfoxed” where we are introduced to “Sister Jane” and some of the great hound, horse and fox characters. I think Ex had a good day all and all. It was certainly relaxing to me to not have to work! Yahoo!