i met up with the HOOF-it folks the day after our shoot. for lack of more cultured places to meet up in this area we chose starbucks to toss around ideas, talk about horses, both the world of horses and technology and life in general. i had the best time with these guys on so many different levels. the shoot with leslie was fabulous and lots of good education passed and just general chatter about life, horses and technology was something i was evidently craving this week! this first picture is left to right; danny, me and leslie and the second photo taken outside was me trying to show off my large starbucks cup! haha! notice the thinline hoof pads in danny’s hand? i love connecting cool, smart people in our industry and who better than hoof-it and thinline? it’s been an über busy but terribly fun week!

danny, me & leslie:

trying to get starbucks into the picture: