Here’s the latest from Stephen Colbert as he fires back to the USEF’s response.

And you can get your foam fingers here! Just contact HorseGirlTV® at to place your order for 1, 5, 10 or more (prices start at $3.45 each plus shipping). I’d love it if you could send back pictures of you or your teams or clubs with the foam fingers for a special pre Olympic blog post here. I’ll be taking one OR TWO of my own red foam fingers with me to the Olympics in London this August! Go dressage!!!

Seriously though… You have missed this if you’re been living under a rock this past week. Stephen Colbert’s satire truly brought the horse world to the mainstream and all joking about dressage (or horse ballet) aside, this is what horse sports needs! Yes horse people are a different breed but to cross over and provide more transparency in our sports, reaching the mainstream can only broaden our audience and the industries subsequent growth as a whole. Those are big words but those works (more or less) have been the mantra for HorseGirlTV and the actual reason for it’s inception 6 years ago! Bring the love of horses to the mainstream.

Official HorseGirlTV Can Cooler AND Dressage #1 foam finger here!
Dressage IS the official sport of the summer AND HorseGirlTV is here to help the cause! Embrace the NASCAR and NFL fan in us all and help support horse sports! You can get your Official HorseGirlTV Can Cooler AND Dressage #1 foam finger here! USA! USA! USA!

Be the envy of your Olympic tailgate party with this insulated can holder, or simply keep your drink cooler longer when you’re at the BBQ or working in the stable. Just slide your can in and it stays cool while your hand avoids that icy cold aluminum (burrrrr)! Then cheer on your favorite horse and rider team by giving them the finger of support! Only $19.00 for the can cooler & foam finger set!

So we just got inundated with requests for 5 and 10 packs of the foam fingers and are in process of placing our 2nd order. If you’d like just a foam finger or several (sans can cooler they’ll be a few dollars + shipping) please send an email here and we’ll update this with a Buy Now page link as soon as it’s live!

So whether you’re a Stephen Colbert fan or not, the video is worth a watch as it’s simply too cute! Thanks Stephen for making fun of dressage and reaching a national through your jest! I’m loving it!

Here’s the super cute sign off…


  • We’d like 10 for our pony club please! Can we buy just foam fingers and can coolers in separate orders?

    • Certainly Janice. We’re getting quite a few submissions about buying can coolers and fingers in separate orders and we’ll put together information ASAP for the ordering process. Just check back to this page in the next 24 hours for the update and we’ll have Angelea publish a separate blog about it so you can always check the main page at too. Thanks!

  • Para dressage is also “THE summer sport” and our competition at Gladstone was nothing short of amazing. I rode well and Erik rose to the occasion, scoring our biggest score of 74% in the final freestyle for an overall score of 71% and 4th place and a spot on the team, barring disasters!

    And you were there to see it develop this winter. Thanks for the support. On to London.

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