I’m always on the look out for unique, streamline, equine-inspired items so when I came across Ocala Country Ventures I was impressed. When looking for jewelry, less is more to me and it seems Carol and Colleen at OCV design just that. They were kind enough to send me a few items to give away to fans so we’ll get started with that at some point soon too so check back here for details!


Ocala Country Ventures is owned by Carol Hagerty and her partner is Colleen Bruneau. They both grew up around horses, so it gives them a great amount of pleasure to be working with something they both love so much. Carol and Colleen, take whatever measures possible to ensure your satisfaction with their products and website and their website is beautiful by the way!Each piece of our jewelry is individually made with care from natural, donated horse hair. By personally braiding each piece by hand, instead of hitching all of our pieces, they have developed a line of products that are truly inspired and innovative among our industry. Their horse hair comes only from horses that have passed and has been donated by their owners. Carol and Colleen feel these horses give back to by allowing them to create artwork out of their hair and on some level, they honor these great animals by bringing their beauty to others.

Check out their website at http://www.ocalacountryventures.com


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