Well there are not really stockings (see photo) and it’s not even December yet but there IS a fireplace and Picollo WAS enjoying it so it just seems like such an “it’s almost Christmas” kind of scene that I couldn’t resist snapping a cute pict of him.

The re-scheduling has been hectic but things are starting to fall into place now. Joewell has his second set of blood-work tomorrow morning and hopefully this time it will be dated correctly and all will be well in the universe. I’ve found a few flats online near Krefeld that look very simple and cute and perfect for Picollo and myself but I think I’m going to wait to setup something until I’m actually there and know a bit about the areas, etc. Debra has connected me with a fabulous friend of hers living in Hamburg named Steffie and she’s offered up some helpful notes!

I’m heading into town today to spend the holiday week at my old apartment downtown. Thanks Sage, Elise and Riley! I’ll have the perfect location to watch Ashland’s Festival of Lights on Friday and I’m pretty excited about sharing my Thanksgiving holiday (my first one stateside in a couple years) with Gary, Pam and Abbey and helping Susan (and crew) decorate the tree at The Sheep. I’m not sure what my Christmas will be like over in Germany so it’s the perfect pre-Christmas, Christmas!