So yes, yes, yes… It’s a rough life but somebody has to do it! Joewell is absolutely loving his enormous 16 by 16 padded stall. He can hear the trickling of the water fountain out front rather than having a waterfall coming INTO his stall from a broken rain guard. Ha!

Yes it’s chilly in Ashland but the barn is warm, the alleyways are paved in rubber bricks, the tack stalls are equipped with heaters, he has a comfy turnout next a fellow Trakehner named Karoe (see photo), a bright arena to work in with a chill atmosphere. Needless-to-say, we are all getting spoiled with our stay at my friend’s facility AND it’s a good thing we’re so comfy as there was an error made when dating Joewell’s blood-work resulting in a complete reschedule of our trip! Overall it has been a HUGE stress having to reschedule my flights, ground transports, not to mention the changes, etc have lost/cost me a little over a grand thus far.

Today might have well been a Friday the 13th for me! Bummer!
We’re rescheduled to depart on the 30th of November so I’ll be driving down on the 28th to Los Angeles to organize my Jeep for packing/dropping at port, Joewell will transport on the 29th and my little family should be in Krefeld, Germany the afternoon/evening of the 1st of December!