It was a long and EXTREMELY wet drive down from the Seattle area on the 6th of November. Dr. John was a bit late in arriving to finish Joewell’s final paperwork so Morgan and I got a later start than planned. BUT!.. at least we were able to leave the farm as it was flooding central mere hours after we departed.

About 7 hours, 1 mocha, 2 Red Bulls and several bags of chips later we (albeit a bit “cracked out” from excessive caffeine) arrived in Ashland at my transitional home. It was bittersweet saying good-bye to Morgan and I think I’m actually gonna miss being picked on by him! Hehe! Thanks for the hauling Morgan and EVF!

So Joewell, Picollo and myself got settled into Lara’s facility and headed to my second home in ye ole Ashland, The Black Sheep for a pint of their finest, good cheer and catching up with some near and dear friends!