So I’m still here in Ashland and still spending a good portion of my evenings at my long time home away from home, The Black Sheep. Over the years, I’ve probably spent more time out at the Sheep than anywhere else in Ashland. I’m greeted by a few new faces that could likely become a few new friends yet still enamored with long time close pals like Kari. Kari and her brilliant lemon pictures were taken to the next level this past night. The photo perspective is from behind the bar, on the ground up to the starry skied ceiling of the Sheep and into the amazing glass blown light installation by local Ashland artist.

Thanksgiving is approaching (my first one stateside in several years) and I’m happy to be sharing it with Gary, Pam, Abbey and family! Overall, it’s been fabulous getting to spend some time back home in Ashland!