Everyone at HorseGirlTV has been hard at work this past month developing the new site launch. It’s here and I must say, it’s by far the best yet. For those of you who’ve been fans from the very beginning back in 2007 you’ll notice a bit of the design harkening back to those early days. That nostagia is for you! Thanks for supporting and being there watching, reading and enjoying the education, news and entertainment we have strived to offer over the years. Cheers!

Let this be your guide to some of the ins and outs getting around the new site.

Let searching be your friend. There are over 1500 pages and regular daily content adding all the time so look to the right in that cute little sidebar and you’ll find a search just below a message from our advertisers as well as scrolled to the bottom of the sidebar another friendly search.

Leading off our main navigation is on the very top for the first time even. We’re testing this out and looking to improve it even further “sticking” it to the top in the coming month so you’ll have all the main navigation of the site right in front of you as you scroll through our thousands of pages.

Next up is the oh so cute and classic HorseGirlTV logo and headlining image. This has always been a part of our design templates but this new and improved one will fade in and out through a series of images that speak to the variety of disciplines the company publishes original content on. Sit and have a watch on the occasion as we’ll be updating these headlining images regularly throughout the year. If there’s a special look in the headliner that you’d like to see, please feel free to offer up an opinion or two!

The HorseGirlTV Team has worked really hard to foster relationships with industry leading companies that have been our key advertising partners for consecutive years running. The very next images roll through those advertising partners featuring a special thanks for all they do to help keep us flourishing and continuing to produce the best original content the web has to offer!

What would HorseGirlTV be without our signature original content episodes! That’s next. Just click to play and away it will go on your laptop, tablet AND smartphone! All our episodes have been painstakingly re-encoded to be tablet and smartphone friendly so you can watch HorseGirlTV just about anywhere you are AND with whatever device your heart desires!

The content that follows on the main page takes you back through the weeks previous posts. We’ve grown up. We have a team dedicated to bringing you the best original content and we’re now offering new content daily. Well… we might take Wednesdays (except for this one) off but we’ll see! 🙂 As always we’ll offer awesome Episodes and you can watch them ALL by clicking that previous link. We’ll continue publishing the breaking sport and performance horse News and you can read My Blogs as always, however, we’re so excited to be introducing regular contributing writers (more specifics to follow soon) on our Blogs section.

You can still Subscribe for FREE to our semi-monthly hip guide and be in the know about the kewlest new topics. Don’t forget to check out equibarre fitness DVD (and soon to be released digital download options) for an equestrian friendly work out that’s easy to follow and scalable to your current level of fitness.

But wait… there’s more! What’s new on the new site? We have a Celebrities section now that will fast fill up with your favorite celebs.

One of my favorite new sections of the site is Your Turn! By far one of my fav duties is to get to work with the Team on sweepstakes and Your Turn is our dedicated sweepstakes solution. This is where we’ll have all our current prizes up for grabs with explanations of how to enter. Some will be simple submits, some will be writing or video production contests, sending in your favorite pictures, etc but all will offer winners and fun!

Scroll to the very bottom and have a gander at the Company section. There you’ll learn about interesting statics from HorseGirlTV Overview, you can meet Our Team or Contact Us, and learn about Advertising with us AND our production opportunities for your product or service. Like I said, we’ve grown and we’re continuing to grow so there’s Careers section as well as some Accolades.

All the items in our top, pretty orange navigation can likewise be found at the bottom of the page in the Explore HorseGirlTV and you can see more of Our Brands down there as well!

Is there something we’ve missed that you’d like to see? Let me know!

Thanks to you all. Cheers to an amazing 2013 for every single one of us and I hope you enjoy the new HorseGirlTV website as much as we (especially me!) have enjoyed creating it for you!

This was a MASSIVE site migration of over 1,500 pages so please if you notice a link, image or something that appears to be out of place please report it to us. Thanks!


  • Thanks SO much Susie! Please feel free to make any suggestions for additional improvements. It’s always an ongoing process but VERY happy to hear you like the new re-design!!! –Angelea

  • I am unable to download and watch any videos, due to unsupported format or something. Can you offer any suggestions.
    Thank you.

    • Heather: Thanks for your comment and for letting us know. I’m sorry you are having trouble but the episodes should be improved and easily accessible to all browsers and systems including smartphones and tablets. Could you please let me know what computer or device you’re trying to watch the show with? Also please try and watch anything on this or older pages and send any error message you’re receiving. Thanks again and I look forward to helping you be able to watch the HorseGirlTV series! You can also subscribe on Spotify or Apple Podcasts OR wherever you get your podcasts at. 🙂

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