With the new site re-design I’ve begged the powers that be here at HorseGirlTV® to allow me a few liberties. Hey, I deserve it yes? I’ve been wanting to do a series that allows me to write about any or everything my heart desires and so enter the world… Tuesdays Untacked. Yeah!

With all this editing, developing, re-encoding and organizing we’ve been doing here this past month I’ve been listening to heaps of music I rocked the code to in the late 90s. This working in to the late hours of the evenings kinda music inspired me to get back to basics with black. I’ve gone out and gone gel. Gel polish that is. It’s my first time with the gel manicure so why not make it bold in black! The staying power is fabulous for us horse girl types who often find our fingers in feed, snaps and straps. It’s super shiny wet look sparkles to the glow of the LCD or over a candlelit dinner, whatever the case may be.

You can get the look with Shellac Black Pool Gel Nail Polish and I’m thinking about springing for a Thermal Spa Gel Light Nail Dryer so I can easily change out my polish at home or on the road. Going the DIY route though, I suggest having a fine short bristled brush on hand with nail polish remover to sweep away any mistakes on cuticles or otherwise. With striking black and other dark colors it’s easy to bleed the color to your skin and not be able to get it off so just be prepared. If you can’t find a short bristled brush, a Q-tip or even a bobbie pin with TP wrapped around it can provide touch up assistance.

Now on to my dear, dear, wonderful, fabulous, talented and classic Ralph. You’ve inspired us for decades yet this past year you confused us severely with your homage to the Love Boat Olympic attire. I now know you did have a path and were going somewhere with it, it was just at the time we couldn’t see past the bobby socks and berets. Enter NY Fall Fashion Week and your Spanish equestrian inspired looks complete with the French beret to keep us guessing. Hopefully some of these were manufactured stateside instead of our USA, Made in China, Olympic wear. Hmmm?

Lauren was quoted, “I was inspired by a vibrant, bohemian spirt, the artistry of things handmade and personal style that is as rich as it is romantic.” Here I surely agree with you. The basic blacks, the contrasting bolero jackets topped by the oh so feminine soft black berets it works, especially with my new black polish.

I adore your HorseGirlTV® teal open front, just a touch too long flowing sleeved blouse partnered with the jodhpur style high waisted trousers and couldn’t resist sharing that pict!

Looking forward to your what surprises you have for us in spring!