I’ve been invigorated so I put together this great giveaway of brilliant horsey gifts over the weekend! No matter what you celebrate this winter season, me and HorseGirlTV are here to fill it with some cheery horsey gifts. It’s The 12 Days of HorseGirlTV! We’re giving away OVER $1000 worth of products to our amazing fans to say thanks for being the kewlest horse peeps out there! As always with our contests entering to win is FREE & EASY + there’s THREE chances to enter! The contest starts NOW and we start drawing names and announcing 1 winner per day on the 25th of December!

A special thanks to DJ for her inspiring comment on the HorseGirlTV Jumpline Designs contest. DJ you motivated this huge giveaway with your kind words! Thank you for your support of the series! It’s greatly appreciated! I’ll be contacting you shortly to get a mailing address so we can send you a FREE HorseGirlTV Mouse Pad to say thanks for clicking with us! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So we’ll start on the 1st Day of HorseGirlTV below and follow the prizes all the way through the 5th of January announcing via video drawing online published here on the blog, Facebook and Twitter. Thanks so much for watching the series and Happy Holidays from me and HorseGirlTV!

On the 1st Day of HorseGirlTV my true host gave to me…
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On the 3rd Day of HorseGirlTV my true host gave to me…
        Unbridled Passion by Jeff Papows!
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While crowds flock to show jumping events around the world, marveling at the magnificence of the champion horses that compete at the Grand Prix level, few are aware of the passionate and intense relationship between rider and horse required to make it to the jump-off. Unbridled Passion โ€“ Show Jumpings Greatest Horses and Riders (Acanthus Publishing 2011), provides an intimate look inside the Olympic sport of show jumping and the superstar pairings that define excellence at the elite level. Each chapter is an up close and personal conversation between author, Jeff Papows, and one of the best contemporary riders in North America. Buy Yours Online – $29.99.

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        The Majesty of the Horse
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Award-winning horse photographer Astrid Harrisson and equestrian expert Tamsin Pickeral spent a year combing the world in search of the best examples of more than eighty diverse horse breeds. This book is the result of their ambitious project: a fascinating read accompanied by sensitive and striking photography. Discover the vital role that the magnificent horse has played throughout history, from plow horse to racehorse. Trace the development of the most striking and significant breeds, and learn intriguing tales about breeds that are now almost forgotten. Sumptuously illustrated throughout, this unique book was written and produced for everyone who loves horses. Buy Yours Online – $35.00.

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On the 12th Day of HorseGirlTV my true host gave to me…
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This give away is possible through the generous donations of some amazing companies with brilliant products, a contribution from HorseGirlTV and my time and energy. It’s sooooo worth it to hear from really happy people when they’ve won! NOW!.. How to enter?


  1. Make comment at the bottom of this page including your name, email (your email won’t be published) with your favorite HorseGirlTV episode. Explain in a couple sentences why it’s your favorite episode and include the URL for the exact webisode page.
  2. Make a comment on your Facebook profile tagging HorseGirlTV and explain in a couple sentences why it’s your favorite episode including the episode URL.
  3. Via Twitter. Simply tweet – “I’m entered to win $1000 in prizes http://bit.ly/tcSFn0 – My fav @horsegirltv episode is URL-HERE” (of course paste in the URL of your favorite webisode where the tweet says URL-HERE)

That’s it! THREE opportunities to enter this great contest. THREE chances to win. All FREE and easy! Thanks again to DJ for the inspiration and thanks to all the other amazing HorseGirlTV fans that let me and the team know you enjoy the series! It really does mean a great deal and I’m thankful that we have such amazing fans and friends of HorseGirlTV!!!!!


  • My all time favorite episode is the Modern Day Cowboy at https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=373. I love the stand off scene with Angelea and Rich and wish you all would do more funny stuff like this in the middle of the episodes. Also, please bring back the HorseGirl Mail questions too! Thanks for having this great contest! Happy trails, Karen

    • Thanks Karen! I REALLY enjoyed shooting that one and I too would like to go back to doing some fun little ditties in the episodes as well! We have a super duper editor on the series that crafted these clips into something so much more spectacular than they had originated. I’ll also see about bringing back the HorseGirl Mail questions too! Good luck in the give away and don’t forget to enter via your Facebook and on Twitter too!

  • My all time favorite episodes are the “how to’s” I’m new to horse ownership and I need all the help I can get. https://blog.horsegirltv.com/_hgtv/?p=4992 The saddle blanketing episode came in just in time for the cooler weather that we’ve been getting. My OTTB is very happy now that he has a blanket that fits to keep him cozy ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Thanks Jess. That’s is an episode I’ve been wanting to shoot now for 4 years and am so happy we finally got it produced and with a pretty rocking blanket too. That Weatherbeeta Orican Freestyle is the best fitting blanket I’ve ever used. Those folks at Weatherbeeta are awesome. I also have matching blankets for Zita and Picollo too so watch for adorable blog photos coming up! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • That’s a good one Lynelle. People really seem to enjoy the how to episodes and they are super fun to produce as well! We produced a wrapping episode back in the early days of HorseGirlTV circa 2007 as well so check it out as it’s a bit more detailed with the wrap how to (it’s online at https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=439) and definitely let me know if you tack shop would like a copy to play via their DVD player near the wrapping section. We love to send out DVDs to shops if there’s something with a how to that can be helpful to customers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Sophie! It was soooooo awesome to get to meet and work with Frank & Cece!!!! I can’t wait to have them back and design my freestyle for Hansel my 2005 Sir Donnerhall gelding! Good luck and thanks for entering! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sophie,

      We’re so glad that you enjoyed the episode! As always, we love working with Angelea, and can’t wait to have some fun with her baby. Check out our EquiChord Music fan page on Facebook for news and upcoming clinics as well as our website – http://www.EquiChord.com. We have been working behind the scenes on a few things and have some new stuff coming out over the next few months, including some revisions to our book, “Rhythm Rding: A Guide to Riding with Music”. Happy Holidays!!!!!!

      • Thanks Cece! Heading out to train right now actually with my iPhone and EquiChord playlist in my pocket! Hansel’s a young one but he’s already school passage and has a SUPER change so I can’t wait to finish what we started several years ago and ride my kรผr VERY soon!

  • I love the Carson Kressley interview! I watched his first show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and also his time on Dancing With the Stars. He always seems to be a wonderful person and has great words of encouragement for anyone that wants to do anything with their life, not just riding. It’s always surprising to me to find out which celebrities ride and how they came to be interested in it.

    • Schweet Kim! Carson was a total HOOT to chat with! I’d love to interview him again and really get more into the Saddlebreds. The people that owned the horse he rode at that event were soooooo nice! They offered to let me ride the horse Magic as well and WHAT A SMOOTH RIDE! Kiss to canter and that’s it. I loved it. Thanks for entering and thanks for also including that URL in your other post! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for entering Johanna! That was such a fun episode to shoot at Horse Country in Virginia and Dehner was great to work with. Best of luck to you!

  • My favorite episode is “From Set To Saddle With Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen.” (https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=2737) to this day I will still go back and watch it when I am need of some inspiration! I am around the same age as Mary and it is truly encouraging to see someone at that age really trying to make something of herself in the equestrian world, and succeeding! She does it with a professional attitude, yet she still makes time on the side for her other passions! great episode!

    • Mary is a true inspiration and has developed into a great personal friend too! So great to hear you re-watch this episode for motivation Rachel! Good luck!

    • That’s a great one Kelsey! The Equine Pine peeps are awesome and it was really a super find to discover the qualities of eco-friendly boutique bedding! Best of luck in the give away and with your studies!!!!

  • I LOVE the HorseGirlTV episode, was when you had the deeply touching interview with Canterwood Crest’s author, Jessica Burkhart. [Find it here! https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=929 ] Her passion for horses did not die out when she was told she could never ride again. Instead, the fact that she expressed her love for horses in a way that entertained and inspired me to push myself is a great thing. She is not bitter because of what she had to go through, which is what happens to some people when they cannot participate in their passions. She is a great horsewoman, author, and person. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be posting about it on my twitter, Equine_bluebird!

    • Thanks Abbey. That was a GREAT episode and Jessica is such a fabulous writer and inspiring horse girl! I have all her Canterwood Crest series on Kindle but my fav is still the first book, Take the Reins!

  • US Park Police training series!
    https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=526 – who knew there are other careers that involve horses without climbing the expensive showing ladder or herding cattle in the middle of nowhere! And that they openly encourage women to participate, in an interesting career avenue(law enforcement) thats predominately male…

  • My favorite episode is the Wild Horses of Shackleford banks. Episode https://blog.horsegirltv.com/_hgtv/?p=4268 . One reason that it is my favorite is because it is an episode filmed on location and is close to where I live. But the best part is the narration of the conflict between the two stallions by Sue, the wildlife biologist. She practically predicts some of the behaviors before they actually happen. It really demonstrates her knowledge of the horses on the banks. Great job!

    • Thanks Amber! That “How To Build A Jump” episode was a blast to make and I enjoyed mostly being behind the camera on that one too! Best of luck to you and thanks for entering! If you’re looking for jump cups, we bought our from Equestrian Collections and got the molded plastic ones from Perri’s Leather. They have worked out SUPER!

    • Thanks Anna! I definitely agree. This is not to negate the importance of the wonderful wild horses out west but they get tons of press and it was so nice to learn about some true wild horses on the eastern shore. There’s a pretty kewl book about the Shackleford Horses that I found on Amazon. Thanks for entering and success with The 12 Days of HorseGirlTV! Yah!

  • I usually find something interesting about each episode, but I guess “How to fit a blanket” https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=4992 is my recent fave. I’m back to the world of horses after a 35 year hiatus and a sucker for horses out in the weather. (That translates to,I don’t know very much!) I was looking for info to blanket Dakota and her “Mum” Babe. I was glad to know to keep checking AFTER blanketing for hot spots. =D

    • This one is a popular one and I enjoyed shooting it. The recent upgrade to HD really makes a difference in the viewing experience too! So glad to hear it’s helpful and I’m really happy to hear that you find interesting stuff in each epi! Good luck DJ!

  • https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=937
    How to tie a slip knot is my favorite. It’s my favorite because being a first time horse owner, it taught me how to tie one when I never knew how. I would always try to tie a knot that would make it easy for a horse to get out of it necessary. This one for me, makes it easier and makes me feel better using it.

    • Wow. I’d wondered how many of the “How To” episodes would be listed. This one was something a fan had written in and we shot just before flying over to Holland. VERY happy to hear it was helpful! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Karen. I have little to no time to read non-technical material but I’m ALMOST finished with Believing in Horses and Valerie weaves a WONDERFUL, POSITIVE story and I’m really excited to hear about her Part TOO. She’s a super person too! Good luck!

    • Thanks for entering Michelle and happy to hear someone really enjoyed Jean Luc as their favorite! I’d never heard of him either but someone sent me his videos and recommended him and it was truly an inspiring interview. He was certainly a greatly educated person. Thanks for watching! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I really enjoyed the episode about how horses fly internationally: https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=1099
    For me, it is a “different world”. Just packing up my horse to go across town for a weekend clinic can be a chore. It is hard to imagine what is involved in international flight! It was so interesting to get a glimpse into the process. After watching the episode, I did a little browsing for more information and was surprised to learn first of all, how many horses actually fly every year. Also, I am amazed that many folks think horses tolerate flight better than trailer rides. So interesting! Maybe someday I will be afforded the opportunity for international travel to train in a far off land with my horse! My horse, Ramiros, has been to Germany and back to train along with his original owner. I think it is kewl to have a world traveler!

    • That was such an AMAZING experience Karen! It’s the only way to fly. What’s not in the episode is that they load the horse in the cargo and you walk through like a regular passenger embarking the plane but as the “groom” for the horse we sit in the very, very back on the plane by the flight attendant area (in regular seats) and there’s a door to the cargo there. During take off and landing I stood inside the cargo container in front of my mare facing backwards with a half wall in between us, no seatbelt, no oxygen mask and it was the best experience! I find take off and landing in the cabin so full of people’s fears so hanging out in a crate with 2 horses during that time was the most relaxing experience! Definitely try it you can and with experience with horses you can fly as someone else’s groom getting a free ticket. Contact me if you’re interested in more info on that as you’d just need to contact an agent. https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?page_id=1668

    • Thanks for entering Jackie. The US Park Police episodes were great and very fun to shoot too! We actually got to watch some of their training and then later it was nice to find out who had passed the course.

    • Thanks Sally. It was certainly interesting to witness and so much fun sharing with the friends of HorseGirlTV too! Thanks for entering and remember you can enter via Facebook and Twitter too! Just check the above instructions as it’s super simple! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Stephanie. This is a popular one and I’m so happy to hear it’s helpful to people! I hope you’re enjoying your jumps very much! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Lauren! That was our pilot episode back in 2007! It’s hard to believe we’re coming to our 100th episode now 5 years later! Thanks for posting the comment and best of luck in the giveaway!

  • My favorite episode is Horse People Giving Back in a Big Way https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=646. The PVDA ride for life is important to me for personal reasons having recently had a huge tumor removed from my stomach and a cancer scare myself and having an Aunt who survived breast cancer. My horse always takes place in our local CO version Renee’s Friends. Horses are so amazing and we are so lucky to have them in our lives and its great to be able to work with them to give something back to people who need our support. The interview is also so touching when the interviewer cries.

    • Thanks Fay. That’s me… “the crier” ๐Ÿ™‚ I saw a kรผr for the first time when I was a kid growing up in Texas and THAT is what made me want to ride dressage. The passion, strength and grace of the horse and rider working together, dancing to music! I remember that moment very poignantly and since I’ve always had a soft spot for performing to music. It was fabulous to interview Barb and I was overwhelmed with the notion of her not only performing and competing to a musical number but the cause behind it was equally as powerful. Definitely a special moment and thanks so much for pointing it out! Best of luck to you with the give away and thanks so very much for sharing your favorite episode and your story too!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ PS – You’re SOOOOO correct! Horses are amazing and we are SOOOOO lucky to have them in our lives!

  • Picking just one horsegirl tv episode to be a fav is like choosing a favorite child. Turning Challenging horses in to willing partners https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=3181 was very helpful since that is where I am with my rescue mare who is very challenging; I’m buying her book for my trainer. Then since Musical freestyle is my passion I’d have say Riding to Music with Equichord https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=921 is another top pick. But I truly Love all your diverse, educating and enjoyable episodes. They help satisfy my desire to be at the barn when I can’t and keeps me sane throughout a boring day at the office. Thank you

  • It’s really hard to choose but one of my favorites was Angelea Talks with Angelea https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=532. Definitely a challenging interview! haha But very entertaining. It was very interesting to learn about some of your accomplishments growing up and throughout your career. There are many enjoyable and educational episodes to choose from so keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for entering Emily! That was CERTAINLY a fun episode to shoot!! I’ve had quite a few fans ask to see a day in the life sorta pieces so maybe we could do something fun like that this spring! Good luck!

  • One of my favorite episodes is Athleticism in the Rider and Horse. https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=367 It spotlights 2 top riders and they talk about their own exercise regimens and that of their horses. Sometimes people forget that riding horses is relaxing but is also a sport. The better shape that you and your horse in, the more you can enjoy your riding experience.

    • Thanks Dawn. That was soooo much fun to ride side-by-side with Lara doing changes, piaffe and passage. It was one of the first episodes we shot and definitely a memorable experience. Thanks for entering and good luck!

  • My favorite episode is It’s Reining, It’s Pouring https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=365. I have ridden reiners for 6 years now, and absolutely love it. I hvaen’t shown yet, because I don’t have my own horse quite yet, but this episode taught me even more things than I had learned riding. It is a good episode and very informative. Thank you for putting on this contest!

  • I cannot say that I have a favorite episode. I have been watching HorseGirlTv since the first episode. One of the most memorable episodes would have to be the F.I.T.S episode (https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=377). I love the breeches. I do not own a pair, but I love the concept. As a rider, I hate having the seam of the pants between my legs. I love the idea of the individual butt panels, the ab net, and the stretchy fabric. Thank you so much for the informational episodes!! They have been a great help!!

    • Thanks Rochelle! My favorite part of this episode is the beginning showing the truck arriving and offloading the stable! Meeting Jack with J&N Structures was so awesome! I am so very proud of this stable and it’s been a joy to walk out to every day hot and humid or cold and wet! Good luck and thanks for entering!

  • My favorite is your interview with Jessica Rattner (https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=3111). She’s an inspiration to so many young riders. Her family is also so generous to the Pony Club community; we are incredibly fortunate to hold our annual regional Dressage Rally at Devonwood, and Jessica always makes herself available to give her time to the Pony Clubbers who admire her so much.

    • Kirsten. I agree with you! Jessica is such an inspiration! If there were more people like Jessica and the Rattner family in the horse world, imagine how amazing USA dressage and horse sport would be! She’s definitely one of my personal heros and I’m glad to hear yours as well. Thanks for entering!

  • My favorite is the how to build a jump episode: . I am a rider on a tight budget, and being able to build my own jumps has been a big money saver. It just goes to show, you don’t need to a ton of money to train your horse successfully. You just need to be creative and be willing do a little extra work. https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=3274

  • My favorite episode if I had to pick just one would be “Applying Standing Wraps and Polo Bandages” from season one because it is the first episode I ever watched that got me following horsegirltv! I searched it trying to find out more about standing wraps since I was taking my horse with me to a 4H camp which was really far away and I thought he might need extra support for the trip. I love all the episodes from informative (there is all ways something more to learn) and from fun behind the scenes type stuff : ) https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=439

  • I really liked the episode of How To Build A Jump https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=3274 I had my fiancee watch it so he could build me some. He is planing on building me about 6 of them for next summer when I start training my mare to jump. Thank you for having it on, he was worried about me having safe jumps and now I will.

  • I can’t just pick one episode they are all so good and helpful. I have rewatched them many times and still learn more and more. There is no possible way for me to pick the one I love most.

  • My favorite episode was the one on how to fit a blanket: https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=4992 I had no idea how to fit a blanket for my horses and a horrible storm was reported to come over night. I quick checked out your episodes and found the answer! I measured my horses and ended up having dry,warm horses the next day! thank you so mcuh!

  • Loved, loved, loved the episode with Jean Luc Cornille at https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=2604. His knowledge in the biomechanics/stucture of the horse and taking that into consideration in training are fantastic and PRODUCTIVE. Moving forward with our horses without understanding how/why their bodies work they way they do is beyond a doubt an inservice to them. I am still fairly new when it comes to riding, but I have been and will be soaking up as much knowledge along the way as I can. I think it would be very cool to clinic with Jean Luc!

    • Thanks for entering Melinda. Jean Luc was a great interview to shoot! Best of luck in the drawings and remember you can enter via Twitter and Facebook for TWO more changes to win!

    • Thanks for entering Shannon! We have you entered on the 6th of December as well. One entry on the blog but you can also enter via tagging our Facebook page (Make a comment on your Facebook profile tagging HorseGirlTV and explain in a couple sentences why it’s your favorite episode including the episode URL.) and via Twitter (Simply tweet โ€“ โ€œI’m entered to win $1000 in prizes http://bit.ly/tcSFn0 โ€“ My fav @horsegirltv episode is URL-HEREโ€) for TWO MORE chances to win in the drawings! Thanks so much for entering and for watching HorseGirlTV!

  • One of my favorite HorseGirlTV episodes was โ€œDentistry Without Dramaโ€ โ€“ https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=1207
    I find that equine dentistry is important and should be to all horse owners. It became of interest to me due my last horse needing yearly dental work. I am a firm believer that all horses should have their teeth checked yearly. So many bad situations can come from not having yearly checks. The horses teeth are an interesting subject in my book all the way around. I enjoyed the episode very much.

  • My favorite HorseGirlTV episode of ALL TIME is the “Meet Georgina Bloomberg, International Show Jumper.” (https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=1024) The reason this is my favorite episode is because Georgina has always balanced both a tough show schedule as well as succeeding in college, showing that with hard work both can be accomplished! I am a current college student and aspire to one day compete in Grand Prix show jumping. With hard work and perseverance, as shown by Georgina, I am sure that I will have a fighting chance to succeed!

    • That’s a great one Victoria and thanks for recognizing a girl that works hard and does well at multiple challenging tasks. The interview with Georgina was wonderful and she’s a smart, beautiful, talented in and kind girl. Good luck!

  • My favourite HorseGirlTV episode was โ€œLearn About Competitive Reiningโ€ with John Irish (https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=365) , because it’s a discipline I find exciting but, as a strictly dressage girl, knew nothing about! It was neat to see that it is relatively complex, and hear John talk about the wear on the horses. It ended up sparking enough of my interest that I took a few reining lessons at a local quarter horse barn, which were an absolute blast! It didn’t sway me away from dressage, but it was fun to try something new ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Clara! As a dressage rider myself I REALLY enjoyed getting to interview John and find out about the extreme similarities between reining and dressage. It’s definitely a much more complex sport than it seems akin to a brilliantly ridden dressage test, a talented reining pattern looks effortless yet is composed challenging movements. It’s exciting for me to hear another dressage rider that enjoyed this reining episode. It was SO fun to shoot and I had a blast getting to ride the reiner! John was a great guy. Thanks for entering the contest, good luck and please pass the URL around to your horsey friends so they have a chance to win some awesome gifts too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My favorite episode is the “Proper Muscle and Joint Care” episode, found here: https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=633 My Ex-racehorse has arthritis in her hocks, so any tips on making her more comfortable are always welcome. As a certified equine massage therapist, I also appreciate that the video (briefly) addressed the necessity of warming up muscles, and the fact that massage can help with that before hard work.

    • Thanks Paige! We get many likes on the how to episodes and it’s great to know they are popular ones for helping produce future content that the fans will enjoy and learn from! Thanks for entering and good luck!

  • My favorite HorseGirlTV episode is the “Human And Horse Chiropractic” Found here: https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=949
    I found this video very helpful because my horse is always needing chiropractic. Before watching this video i hadn’t even considered that i might be the one causing the problems. Thanks for all your helpful videos HorseGirlTV!

  • I started riding at the age of 8 1/2, started working at a harness track at the age of 12. I learned alot at the track about wrapping legs, and alot at the farm where i used to ride about other kinds of leg wraps. Watching the “applying standing wraps” episode (https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=439 )was good for me, because i got to see that i do apply them correctly! I knew that, but,its nice to watch someone else wrap just like you do!

  • my favorite episode so far on horsegirltv is https://blog.horsegirltv.com/_hgtv/?p=704 … the one with McLain Ward. He is one of my inspirations in this sport and give anything to see interviews with him. He is an amazing rider and I aspire to be as good as he is.
    HorseGirlTV has all videos that I need for my horse to be healthy and is always a helpful thing. Thank you for everything!

  • My Favorite HorseGirlTV Episode is the “How To Tie a Slip Knot” https://blog.horsegirltv.com/_hgtv/?p=937 . This episode shows one, easy way to tie a slip tie, that can potientially save a horse’s life with it’s easy release. I didn’t know how to do a slip knot before, and now it’s easy to tie my horse to the trailer, fence, or wherever she needs to be tied! Thank you HorseGirlTV!

  • I’m having a problem tagging HorseGirlTV in my status. Can someone help me with this? Its not taking. ๐Ÿ™

    • Dianne. Just checking in to make sure you resolved this. We sent you a message to your email offline FYI. Good luck and feel free to enter here as well as via Facebook and Twitter!

  • My favorite HorseGirlTV Episode is “How To Fit A Blanket” https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=4992 My horse has high withers and a bad back, so knowing how to correctly fit a blanket on him is important. Too many horses get blanket rubs that leave lasting damage, and I just wish everybody would watch HorseGirlTV, especially this episode!After watching this, I actually went and measured all of our horses! Ha! All but one was fitted correctly!Thanks HorseGirlTV! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My favorite HorseGirlTV episode was ‘Basic grooming- Tips everyone should know’ https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=538 because it gave some really useful tips to help with grooming and as I own a grey and white paint gelding I need all the help keeping him clean that I can get!

  • My favorite HorseGirlTV Episode is “Dentistry Without Drama” https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=1207.
    I like this episode because I strongly believe in the need to have horses teeth done yearly. I do not necessarily think by an equine vet, but by a certified equine dentist because that is all they specialize in. I have gotten horses that have clearly not had their teeth done and had major issues with head tossing, bridling issues, and misshapen bodies because they carry themselves incorrectly to try and get away from the pain the bit causes in their mouth. I always enjoy looking and feeling in my horses mouths when the dentist comes. Wish more people could have seen the episode. Hope you show it again! Thanks!!!

  • My favorite HorseGirlTV episode is the interview with Jean Luc Cornille, the author of Science of Motion https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=2604. He seems to have such a gift and an insight into both the horse and rider, and he does amazing things with teaching horses in hand. It is my favorite episode because he explains how everyone id different-horses and riders-, and how horses and riders should not ever be put “into a box” regarding their training. Thanks for posting this episode!

    • Thanks for trying to enter Hannah but you didn’t include your favorite episode. We’d love to have you entered so just follow any of the 3 ways to enter listed at the bottom of this blog AND we’ll paste them here for you below…


      – Make comment at the bottom of this page including your name, email (your email won’t be published) with your favorite HorseGirlTV episode. Explain in a couple sentences why it’s your favorite episode and include the URL for the exact webisode page.

      – Make a comment on your Facebook profile tagging HorseGirlTV (http://www.facebook.com/HorseGirlTV) and explain in a couple sentences why it’s your favorite episode including the episode URL.

      – Via Twitter (https://twitter.com/horsegirltv). Simply tweet โ€“ โ€œI’m entered to win $1000 in prizes http://bit.ly/tcSFn0 โ€“ My fav @horsegirltv episode is URL-HEREโ€ (of course paste in the URL of your favorite webisode where the tweet says URL-HERE)

  • My Favorite HorseGirlTV episode was “Modern Day Cowboy”. I enjoyed this episode because I am hoping to one day own a ranch out west. Next year I’ll be applying to college and I already have a few picked out, all out west of course! https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=373

  • Angela, I really enjoyed watching “Top Sport Horse Footing For Your Arena” (https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=1734). I’ve been to your farm and I’ve seen your arena and I must admit that it is most impressive. What I especially liked about it was the fact that it drained well after watering and there was no dust. You have an amazing arena that is rideable even during the rainy, wet season. There is little to no down time to wait for it to drain after a heavy rain which makes it convenient for your training schedule. Would love to have a “Pinnacle Footing” arena myself. Thank you for each of your enlightening and educational episodes of HorseGirlTV.

  • My favorite episode is,the one on how to wrap a horse! https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=1192 Wrapping a horse is an important thing to know if its for everyday maintaince,if Theres an injury, or if u are trailering. Each and everyone of need to know how to properly wrap so we dont cause an ever higher injury.

  • i love watching your show and it would mean a lot to me if i got this prize!!I love horses and i love doing thins with them and i want them to have only the best suplies from the best!! So PLEASE GIVE ME THIS PRIZE!!

    • Thanks for your comment Taylor. Please do note that in order to enter this contest you’ll need to comment, post to Facebook or Twitter what your favorite HorseGirlTV episode (including the URL) is and why. Looking forward to seeing your entry and thanks for the comment!

  • I love all of the episodes, but https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=547 “How To Winterize Your Horse” gave a lot of great suggestions that I used in preparing my horses for winter this year. All of the Absorbine products mentioned in the episode work great, these are all products that I like to keep on hand to keep my horses happy and healthy!

  • I have many favorites, but I have to say that “Modern Day Cowboy” is up on my list. https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=373 I really enjoyed it because that is the life my family lives and that’s how I grew up. It’s a fading lifestyle and it’s sad to see that, so I was so glad that HorseGirlTV was able to share that and educate others on it. Thank you for that!

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