Having lived in and still in love with the Pacific Northwest and Spain, I’m partial to wines from these areas and this little wine is a gem for the price! It’s a must try for cab enthusiasts who value supple tannins with smooth tannins.

Gentle to the pallet, it can either be enjoyed with a meal or is talented enough to have a go it on its own!

Inhale deep then take a sip and think flavors of allspice, cherries and oak while letting it sit in your mouth. It has a very mild-mannered smell, velvety with no after taste.

14 Hands celebrates the spirit of Washington State wild horses (actually ponies) and their rich and unique history. The vineyards are set in the hills near the Columbia river and the terrain that gave these ponies endurance and spirit now feeds the wines of 14 Hands vineyards! This is definitely an easily drinkable, conversation piece wine!

My recommendation… ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Technical Data
Blend: Predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon with Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and other select red varieties
Appellation: Washington State
Alcohol: 13.5%
Acidity: 0.52g/100ml
PH: 3.82

Winemaker suggestions:
“14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon features aromas of red currants and raspberries with subtle hints of spice. Spiced cherry & plum flavors are joined by notes of cocoa and complemented by fine, velvety tannins.”

Recommended pairings:
Tomato-basil bruschetta, eggplant parmesan, herb crusted prime rib, grilled beef steak, hearty venison stew.

Request it from your favorite local wine shop or you can find 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon online for $12 plus shipping. Tell them you found 14 Hands from Angelea at HorseGirlTV!

If you’ve tried it, please feel free to share your thoughts with a comment below!


  • I’ve been eyeing this every time I pass it at World Market. It’s good to hear a good review of it from someone! I think I’ll grab a bottle the next time it’s on sale.

  • My partner and I tried this wine tonight at a local family owned restaurant.
    We shared a tomato basil and mozzarella cheese salad with a balsamic glaze.
    I ordered a bistro tenderloin steak and the wine was perfect. Thank you !!!

    • SO happy to hear you liked it an the review helped! Now that fall is here, we’ll start doing some more wine, cheese and foodie type blogs! Please feel free to send in any questions or comments on what you’d like to see as well! 🙂 Thanks Mary!

    • Thanks for reviewing cotsco brands. I never would have tried their label. Enjoy all your episodes. I frequent Trader Joes also and it was nice having some guidance there. Ever thought about reviewing some bottles from the Bev Mo nickel sales?

      • Ana. Thanks! We can definitely do a review of Bev Mo & were about to do another order for reviewing. Please send what specifically you’d like to see reviewed and we’ll get it in the works. Thanks again. –Angelea

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