Yes I’m quite excited to share a picture of my new custom cut Petrie Anky Elegance Dress Boots. I loved the fit on my Petrie Anky Polo Boots so much that riding in my stock Petries felt more like riding in paddock boots and half chaps. While the stock Petries are über comfy, I don’t know much that’s better than a solid quality crafted pair of riding boots specifically cut to the exact measurements of your feet (especially if you have narrow feet and tiny calf muscles like I do).

As you’ll see from the picture, they are beautiful and they are custom to my feet so all I’ve done so far (that I don’t have so much spare time right now) is stand while working on HorseGirlTV at my laptop and stretch/bend a bit while wearing them to help break them in. I’m waiting til the weather warms and is more consistently dry to actually ride in them but if they boast anything like my Petrie Polos then it’ll be a matter of riding in them twice in slight discomfort and then on ride 3 feeling like they are a second (albeit stiff) skin!

Many thanks to Ellen at The Tack Factory for her mastery of custom boot measurements and all her well educated advice on Petries, specifically the Anky line! All the folks at The Tack Factory in The Netherlands are AWESOME and I simply love looking at and riding in my new boots!