Thinking it would be helpful to donate to a tree association, Ex did. He didn’t realize that by donating to a tree association (namely Arbor Day Foundation) they would sell/giveaway our mailing address to SOOOOO many places that the little money that was donated was surely spent in marketing propaganda coming in our mailbox (or what is more commonly referred to as Junk Mail). We’ve been snail mail spammed for months now working to get off these other lists.

So starting with that I’ll throw in that by joining the Arbor Day Foundation they send you 10 very VERY young trees so that’s a nice return on your donation for sure. Ex thought it would be nice to have oaks and I do agree that oaks are quite beautiful but also slow growing. The long and the short of it is we ended up with 10 seedling type oak trees now planted in pots. Not really knowing what to do with them here and knowing we couldn’t plant them in a pasture without them getting dug up, eaten or otherwise killed by a horse it came to me. Ex has quite a few colleagues that are buying houses and what a great housewarming gift but a cute little tree!

One step further to wrap the trees I thought it would be nice to use only what we have around the house so no buying wrapping, bows, etc and only reusing stuff. So the wrapping isn’t the prettiest on the planet but it’s unique and, I think, sends a nice message. This is our first little tree to give away and I think it’s just too darn cute in it’s red, white and blue trappings!

So take heed… feel free to donate to worthy causes but perhaps figure out some way your address doesn’t get handed round to all the other foundations that will send you cards, letters, “gifts” asking for money therefore negating your original intent. Here’s the tree picture! Too cute!