I thought this was a great promotion and it’s starting today so check it out! Leave it to Equestrian Collections to offer a great and timely contest that’s with our safety in mind!

Equestrian Collections is very happy to announce that Troxel Helmets has agreed to sponsor their Facebook Contest this week. Go to the Discussions page under Troxel Helmet Contest and share a story of how a helmet has prevented you or someone you know from being seriously injured.

Next, become a fan of Troxel Helmets on Facebook so you can see your story posted on Troxel’s fan page and Safety Center Headsmart Blog. Equestrian Collections and Troxel Helmets will each choose one winner on Friday, March 19, 2010. Each winner will receive a Troxel Performance Package, which includes one Troxel helmet of your choice, one Barn Beanie, and one Helmet Tote. Equestrian Collections and Troxel Helmets strongly believe that all riders should wear a helmet. By sharing your stories, we hope you can help us to convince others to choose to wear a helmet.

You can also buy a helmet from Equestrian Collections website and get $10 off your order of $120 using the coupon code below: