Whew! We need a forklift! Three days and a few broken backs later and the 200 forty pound bags of Equine Pine are moved from the offloading on our country road to dry storage in the barn. We have been testing the Equine Pine product for the last month and I’m in love with it. It’s economical, SO easy to work with, better for the environment with a smaller carbon footprint than shavings or straw AND for smaller farms it’s idea that you can store enough bedding for a couple horses for an entire year just in a few simple pallets!!

It’s just too kewl not to share so as soon as the weather clears up and it’s almost enjoyable to be outside, we’re going to shoot a webisode on the Equine Pine product!

Check them out if you have a chance at http://www.equinepine.com/. It seems like a great company, they own their own plants so you know you’re going to get a consistent product and they just seem like all around nice folks! Now lifting the bags wasn’t too hard but it would have been all said and done in a matter of minutes if we had a forklift to move them for us. 😉