So the “horse with no name” now has a name! Because I called him the “horse with no name” for so long I double checked the band that sang that song and it’s America. His sire is Sir Donnerhall and he’s out of a Bolero mare so there’s direct Sandro link and being a Westphalian he needed to have a name starting with the same letter as his sire so an “S” which led me to call him Sandro’s Amerika. Now there was a famous singer named Sandro de America that was revolutionary in his time being the first latino to sell out Madison Square Garden and how appropriate I thought since I think this little Sandro has the movement to be a record breaker as well and like the latino singer the looks to wow the crowds. I haven’t really decided on a barn name for him but Sandro seemed to fit for this blog post at least!

I could tell he needed his teeth done but what I didn’t know is that he was extra fussy the last few weeks because he still had his wolf teeth and they hadn’t even pushed through yet. Poor little guy. I felt so sorry for him but they are happily out. He’s loving putting his bridle back on again and once we get more than one day of decent weather I’m looking forward to getting back into a regular training routine with him so we can get him going and list him for sale. He’s just too cute!

Wolf teeth no more!