Our new footing additive for the dressage court arrived and I’m just sooooo excited to unwrap it, get the arena base dialed in, find the proper sand and get the footing mixed, spread, laser leveled and then just get to ride, ride, ride no matter how many buckets of water these North Carolina skies dump on us!

Footing-IThe product we’re going with is pictured to the left and is by German Geo Textile Footing (specificially we’re using their GGT Jump Blend) and the picture below shows about 3700 pounds of product which is standard for sand blending with our 20×60 court. It works with outdoor and indoor courts and it’s intent it to reduce dust, retain water, provide impact resistance, help prevent packing and should extend the arena surface lifetime by about 10 years plus none of their products contain ANY glass fibers and in working with them to learn about the product they seem like a great company with lots of experience. It’s been used since 1992 in Europe but is pretty new to the states still so I’m really looking forward to using it!

More specifics will follow when we start working with the installation (we’re doing a series of webisodes on footing in the coming weeks!) and of course much more as we start to train on it as well. It looks REALLY similar to the product that was in with Anky’s arenas so I’m going to ask her or Sjef about that just out of curiosity!