I was just doing laundry (yes we all have to do it sometime) and realized that some people have suits they take the to the laundry while I have equestrian apparel. It’s was a nice thought that I can wear for work what I also love to do and that revolves around horses. Now after getting back from Holland I don’t have any qualms about going out in public in my riding gear (less my dress or polo boots) as it’s really common there and even the awesome ladies that work at The Tack Factory (Hi Ellen!!!!!! I miss you guys! Picollo says hello to Asha!). Training in Oregon and SoCal it wasn’t much of a thing but you don’t see to many dressage folks in this area so you do get interesting stares from the local farmers or military crowd. I’m proud of the life I have and the tasks and apparel that goes with it so I’ll be picking my fruit at the local market alongside the folks in their business attire with pride. Oh and with a little detergent, cold water wash inside out and hang to dry, my work clothes are MUCH easier, cheaper and better for the environment to clean! Yah!