So I had a great first ride on the gelding and completely forgot to blog about it or post pictures. Dang you Twitter account! So yes, I did Tweet this picture and, for whatever reason, remembered this morning I did not blog it! Zoinks! So this was post first ride on the gelding and no, he still doesn’t have a name yet. I’m thinking Sir Bolero since he’s a Sir Donnerhall (Sandro Hit) out of a Bolero mare then I could just call him Bo as in the Bo from Dukes of Hazzard (the original, not the crappy movie remake) as he is quite handsome.

Sorry, I digress. Here’s the picture. He was awesome! Ex refused to let me off the lunge for the picture and told me he’d never been that nervous in his entire life. What? This guy (Marine) who studied combat life saving, trained in combat, deployed to Iraq and is someone who I personally consider a pretty brave human was nervous? Guess it’s different when it’s his wife that could potentially be bucked off. 😉 The long and the short, the little guy was splendid and he’s now going quite well without the lunge around the arena even and touching on some really basic leg yielding plus he long lines soooo nicely it makes me want to take up driving! Nah! Not really, I like riding too much. So without further delay here’s the picture.