While I was training with Anky, I took plenty of mental notes about how they did things like feeding schedule, turning out in fields, what type of stalls, footing, fencing and in general how they had their set-up operating. Of course this is just part of my MO when I’m at top barns and I love to see how the best facilities organize their horses lives. Of course my all time favorite public USA place is in the heart of the awesome Pacific Northwest is Devonwood. Those are the nicest folks with the horses safety so seriously in mind. They created a haven for horses and humans to work together not to mention their facility is absolutely GORGEOUS. They host a pretty fun show(s) as well and are home to some of the amazing FITS breeches photoshoots!

So, one of the things I thought that was really neat about Anky’s is how they setup their fields. I was imagining this massive barrier built from teak, old growth oak or some amazingly crafted fence posts when really it was a simple and functional series of 4×4 posts with 2 rail 1×6 planks. It gave me this great idea for the fields we’ll put around our arena and while it’s still a work in progress I have it functioning. Zita and I went out this morning with my awesome J&N Structures mug full of coffee to reconfigure the dividers. Once we get this rolling it will be quite easy to resize each field to accommodate just about any horse. Like Anky’s we have the step in posts and 2 strand rope as dividers with sold fence posts across the front and the back.

It was a beautiful morning, fun to get a little bit of physical labor to let my mind wander and we have four 60 feet by 90 feet mini-fields now for the horses! Here’s Zita. She loves to “kennel” in the back of the Jeep. Do note the awesome J&N Structures coffee mug they sent me for Christmas!


Oh and here’s Carrara grazing at Anky’s this past November. I need to get a picture of her and the little guy grazing here in our configuration!