It took about 22 hours stopping every 2 hours to let Carrara rest and stand still quietly in the box but I would do it again to do it myself knowing first hand how well she was cared for as well as saving on the expense. She was a rockstar going on as always just walking right up and she was completely quiet less the VERY last stop about the last 5 minutes of her last non-moving break she pawed a couple of times. Seriously this horse has an amazing character! Here’s the front sign of her CEM where she’ll be for about the next 21 days. The people were super sweet there and the state vet fun to chat!


The last leg of my non-stop 2 day driving fest was almost over. I was heading home to the farm on the coast. I just thought this old car I saw at the petrol station was too cute! Surf’s up dude!