So Carrara is being released from USDA quarantine in NY and the requirement is she must be transported in a USDA sealed and approved van, trailer, horse box to her CEM facility. They tell you this special sealed van transport will cost $800-1200 for the trip. Being as thrifty as possible, I do a bit of research and find out that my horse box can be approved by USDA and I can do it myself thus paying only the petrol and turnpike fees which I think will total to a couple hundred dollars. Hmfp! I guess they don’t want to eat into the pro transport peoples profits but hey, I’m down for saving where I can. Having horses is expensive! So I drive the Jeep and Brenderup to NY (about 14 hours going slow and stopping often to stay fresh). Here’s the USDA quarantine office. I didn’t take any pictures of the stall or horse area as I thought they might not be too keen on that and I just didn’t want to ask but it was nice and clean, they were very professional and although I don’t think they blanketed Carrara the entire few days she was there, she looked well and alert!


Here’s the special “seal” they put on the transport to ensure it’s not opened. They made it all sound so fancy when really it’s quite simple!


A quick shot of the USDA sign and we’re on the road to Southern Pines, NC to begin Carrara’s CEM!


Driving by day was great but I hit Baltimore about the time of their rush hour(s) traffic. I made a mental note to never travel through Baltimore (especially hauling) during their peak hours! Zoinks! It took 3 hours to get from Baltimore to Washington DC!