I held off as long as possible before starting up projects but we’re updating our fields for the winter turnouts and giving the spring/summer fields a break so there has been fencing work to be done. The arena sat dormant for the months I was training in The Netherlands with Anky so it was interesting to see just how it settled and how the fall rains affected it. Ex bought a new John Deere that supports the Kieser drag by ABI very nicely. I’m looking forward to producing a webisode on their really neat tool as I call it a drag but it’s soooo much more than that! Here’s a shot of me with my maiden voyage driving the new tractor! Thnx Ex. It’s definitely a step up from the 1950s model 40!


I mention the tool cause it’s just so darn kewl. With the arena really hard packed after sitting for several months all I had to do is pull a few passes over with the Kieser tool cutting/leveling blade, scarfing teeth and finishing comb to turn it back up in perfect harmony of base to top fluff footing! Now I just can’t wait to get the entire arena 100% perfectly flat then meet with Edwin from the innovators at Attwood Equestrians Surfaces to talk about top performance horse footing!


What else has been on the stable to do list? Well the stalls are ready for the horses to step in them now. My tack room is climate controlled. The hay barn is water proof and the feed room is organized for efficiency! So we’re all set! I’m excited for Carrara to get back to the stable and to meet my new project horse from The Netherlands. He’s an adorable 4 year old gelding by Sir Donnerhall and should be a fun resell to work with! No presents needed Santa. This Christmas it’s great to just be home at our stable for training, training, training!