This is HorseGirlTV’s latest PR piece with lots of fun new material being launched all the time now!

Gemert, The Netherlands October 01, 2009 Tune in. Tack up. with HorseGirlTV. There’s much new material and new happenings at HorseGirlTV this month!

Training With Anky: HorseGirlTV’s, Angelea Kelly , has relocated to Gemert, The Netherlands (Holland) to train with one of the greatest dressage competitors and trainers of all time, Anky van Grunsven at her facility in Erp. Keep up with all of Angelea’s adventures in her blog online at to take a peek inside training with a top Olympian abroad.

Author Jessica Burkhart: HorseGirlTV launches a new webisode in its standard 1st and 15th monthly series interviewing tween author Jessica Burkhart. At only 22, Jessica Burkhart is leading the way for tween horse lovers with her skillfully crafted series Canterwood Crest. Jessica flew down from NYC to talk with Angelea about a passion for horses, overcoming challenges that life hands you and the development of her writing career. HorseGirlTV was honored to host Jessica and hope all the fans, tween and otherwise, find her story as inspiring as we did! Check out the latest webisode at

New Weekly Content: HorseGirlTV has launched new weekly content. Still offering its traditional semi-monthly webisode series on the 1st and 15th, this leading edge production company adds HorseMail Minute every 22nd of the month in which host, Angelea Kelly answers fan mail directly via video replies to viewers. Further giving back to the fans, HorseGirlTV has dedicated one week to HorseGirl Of The Month with an online interview of both professional and amateur HorseGirl’s (and guys!) alike!

Giveaways: Anky Remy Carriet Dressage Saddle AND Jessica Burkhart Canterwood Crest Series