A local was kind enough to give me a mini tour of Gemert this afternoon after finding out I hadn’t done anything but walk to the square, the Lidl market, drive to Anky’s, a horse show and Eindhoven thus far. Gemert totally reminds me of Ashland, Oregon and definitely makes me home sick (home for me has been Ashland since I moved there in the mid 90s)! It’s this cute little town with shops, restaurants, a complete little town living experience yet with cobblestone roads, a church from the 15th century and a great deal of sad history from WW2. There’s so many neat stories about Gemert that I’ve heard only in a short time but here’s a few pictures of my little walking tour yesterday.

The vast majority is Catholic here. I’m guessing typical none practicing Catholics except for high holidays kind of Catholics tho. This is an amazing church in the middle of town. I can see it from my flat and hear the bells chime on a regular basis. It’s quite soothing actually.


This is a tomb in the very old cementary adjacent to the church. Many of the graves were dated 1800s!


This is the inside of the church. So it’s not Notre Dame but it was quite a lovely building. They were about to have a funeral so we quickly exited.


I don’t know the Catholic term for this but it’s the pulpit where the priest stands. As per the course, beautiful stained glass.


What would my mini Gemert tour be without a final stop in front of the flat where Anky lived for 10 years while residing in Gemert. The building is a flower shop on the ground floor then the apartment above.