So I has just finished filling up my super compact car hire with the cheapest petrol per litre you can buy here and I spent 37€ (approximately $57.00). I paid and pulled out of the station to follow this vehicle. Of course I would imagine you can’t get these from the car hire and it only goes max 40km per hour (about 25 miles per hour) but I bet the fuel economy is GREAT!

Being so lucky as to have my stable, arena and horse right in my back yard it’s an event to go to Anky’s twice per day (and keep up with HorseGirlTV’s current minimized production schedule). The drive from Gemert to Erp is lovely and only 15 minutes but still it consumes fuel even in my tiny, tiny two door super compact Ford Ka!

I remember driving in Spain, Germany and checking out petrol prices in England while touring the countryside and vowing never to complain about USA prices again. How quickly we forget. Perhaps if our prices were this high the massive trucks would quickly come off the roads? Nah, perhaps we’d just have even poorer rednecks if that were the case? Haha!

Well the car was cute even tho it didn’t have much “get up and go” and it definitely made the SmartCars look big!