It’s been a long and short weekend. Is that even possible? Yesterday seemed like it lasted forever but today is going by so quickly. The dedication was yesterday then Anky did a clinic in the afternoon so I gave Carrara the day off with some hand walking and hand grazing. There were large crowds of spectators at the stable and it was really cute to catch a few little girls patting Carrara on the nose as they toured the stable. Future HorseGirls right there! Here’s Carrara doing a tiny bit of digging before she gave herself a good roll!


Traffic was backed up due to an agricultural vehicle on the road so I had the chance to snap this beautiful view of a portion of my drive to the stable lined with trees.


After a long day at the barn I met Marien Hendriks. I just thought this was interesting lighting between the glass and the candle. I was joined for very interesting conversation by a famous local artist, Martien Hendriks, ( who’s not only been commissioned for sculpture at Anky’s stable but has had the honor of the Queen on The Netherlands sitting for him not once but TWICE! Not only with Martien but others here the intellectually stimulating conversation is sooooo welcome. It’s something I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed (apart from conversations with Ex) since leaving Ashland. How fun to be able to openly express your views knowing you’ll create conversation and not stifle someone into fearing your opinions! Awesome! Back to Martien, he’s a very interesting person and some amazing works!!!!! Do check out his website and make sure to see the rearing horse piece! Wow! I’m hoping he’ll give HorseGirlTV an interview as listening to his creating process is very inspiring.


Later at home there’s no explanation for this other than I just thought Picollo was too darn cute in this moment and had to snap a picture. The intensely red carpet is such a nice juxtaposition again his coat.


On the other end of the spectrum of life in the The Netherlands, they do have join the military commercials as well and they too try to make the military look glamorous and action packed for youths. Of course they roll ever other commercial break on MTV! Of course!


And last but certainly not least yesterday evening I went with a friend to Eindhoven to see the downtown nightlife. Eindhoven is an interesting city and, I believe, one of the first ones leveled (in The Netherlands) by Nazi Germany in WW2. Coming round the bend of a small alley this church appears in the city center and of course I had to play tourist and snap a shot. They walked me up to the base to show me to look down these thick clear windows revealing human skeletons of adults, youths and even babies. The whole area was a cemetary packed with people who died from the great plague in the 1300s!!! It was interesting and sad all in the same time to remember the history of knowing it killed about 50% of the entire population! And we thought swine flu was rough!


So no lessons today at Anky’s and I’m off to review my notes from lessons this past week and work hard to train solo today and be even better prepared for my lesson tomorrow!