It’s like Christmas every day at the stable. You never know what’s your going to get when you drive up and at first I was intimidated by it but this is actually like being in a show environment everyday so the horses will be bomb proof when traveling! There’s so much happening and changing daily with the construction and it’s quite exciting to watch it grow and change!


It was a great start to October riding alongside Hans Peter not to mention just watching Sjef and Anky training at the same time.


It’s a bittersweet week this week for me tho as the Danish rider, Bo Høstrup, who arrived the same time I did is leaving. He has two great Grand Prix horses and is such a kind and fun person to chat with. He’ll definitely be missed. It’s been really nice to get to know better all the girls that are working at the stable as well and everyone is so incredibly nice here! Here’s Bo after his last lesson (on this trip) with Anky.


Great lesson today as usual and they finally got the new solariums setup so Carrara enjoyed a nice sunbath after getting hosed off with (yeah the hot water is now working) a nice warm spray. This is definitely horsey pampering at its finest! I think we could easily work some heat lamps into the stable aisle back in NC tho!