Woohoo! It’s Columbus Day weekend and I’m working. Work? What do you mean work? How can this be work if it’s so dang fun? It’s been a whirlwind last few weeks and I’m now promising I’m going to blog more regularly. There really is NO spare time right now but I’m just gonna have to make some to keep up with the blog as things are expanding fast and I should blog it! Regardless, here’s the long and the short of the last few weeks. HorseGirlTV recently relocated to Stafford, Virginia. It’s a much more centrally located east coast headquarters for us and we’re almost settled! Jessica recently took a great career move opportunity with a law firm in DC so we sadly lost her excellent writing skills, enthusiasm, and equine knowledge. Hopefully we’ll soon find someone to fill her shoes. It’s going to be hard but there’s a special candidate out there.

There is just more exciting news after more exciting news these days!! We are in talks with numerous top players in the equine industry. As good fortune would have it, they are all complementary to one another and the partnerships are boding for win-win-win all around. It’s an honor and I’m quite excited to be speaking with the makers of some products that I’ve personally used for 25 years. I knew HorseGirlTV would be big but just didn’t realize how big this fast. It’s lots of work but I’m loving every minute of it!

Yesterday was an ABSOLUTE blast! We shot an episode at Double L Tack Shop in Fredericksburg, VA with Kathleen Fallon of Breyer Model Horses. Double L is THE hot stop for the tour in the southeast regions and it was great to be a part of it. The interview with Kathleen was great and I’m so looking forward to seeing the rough cut of this one as it’s simply going to be the best so far! A special thanks to Linda and Lori at Double L. They put on a fabulous event as attested by the many smiling faces enjoying the arts and crafts, collector talk, not to mention the chance to meet a real live Breyer model horse! Bouncer, a world champion combined driving Welsh Pony was featured star for the afternoon and his owners were on hand to autograph his model for the Breyer enthusiasts! I can’t tell you how much fun it was so you’ll just have to watch the upcoming episode for more! Oh and check out my kewl t-shirt in the images! Equine Imagewear was kind enough to send me some of their line and what comfy t-shirts! They even have the HorseGirlTV blue!!!

HorseGirlTV has a new team member! Our newest member is Director of Photography, Don Napolean, and we’re so excited to have him on board. His creative talents are really going to send the show to the next level and will develop him quickly to a Field Producer position! Ex has been promoted to Associate Producer. Apart from just his genuine support and passion for the show, he is constant brainstorming for ways to improve HorseGirlTV. There is no title that can express the value his input provides!