Well it was a long and a short week. I started this past Monday out sending Ex off early in the AM to begin his weeklong field exercises. I also started out early that morning and ended up putting in a 16-hour day. By the end of the day I was completely trashed and barely remember the final few hours of work. Hmmm? Long days aren’t bad as I get so much work done but perhaps it’s best I stop around 10 to 12 hours from now on? Hehe!

It has been a week packed with work but equally packed with fun events! Amy had her first Longaberger Open House and my first home show type event ever. They have some awesome baskets and really cool pottery and although there’s really nothing I couldn’t live without, I ended up getting a nice 8 by 8 baking dish for those lazy days when I just want to pull a pre-prepped lasagna out of the freezer and bake it!

It was also Aisha’s birthday and with Short in the field as well I was honored to get to share her birthday dinner with her over at Pancho Villa’s off Garrisonville Road! Now I didn’t promise I wouldn’t put this picture up and it’s just too darn cute not to. If she sees this and asks me to pull it down, I will of course but until then enjoy this adorable picture of a sombrero-ed out Aisha with deep fried ice cream!

With fall in full swing out here in Virginia, what would an evening be without football, especially little league football! I went to one of Regan’s games to watch, visit a bit with Jenn and thoroughly crack up inside at the parents taking this sport all too seriously. I am all for training and working hard to win but it’s just too dang funny to watch some of these parents sprout grey hairs by the minute over something as insignificant to a lifetime as winning or loosing a little league game. Mental note to self, live my life to the fullest so I can never be accused of living vicariously through my children and rather enjoy watching and supporting them in their desired sports or hobbys! Now Jenn’s the perfect mom, supporting of their desires but not pushing them so they’ll end up hating it. It was too much fun and I ate WAY too many gummy worms!

I’m VERY excited to attend this years’ International Gold Cup! This is a big deal for HorseGirlTV and I’m quite honored that we were invited to attend especially since their blog states how they denied free tickets to Britney Spears! It’s good, yet sad to know we rate well above crashing ‘A’ list singers!