Yahoo! This weekend was Labor Day and I took full advantage of it! After several 60 hour weeks with HorseGirlTV I’m ready for a break. The upside? Ex got a 96 which means he has not only Monday but Tuesday off as well and probably well deserved after all their time in the field this past week but I hear it was really educational. We did a whole lot of nothing this weekend and made lots and lots of food.

Taking advantage of the holiday we went to the USMC Museum in Quantico. The building itself is a sight as the exterior angles are modeled after the flag raising at Iwo Jima. You can see it in the background of the first picture. The museum was interesting regardless but I was on the lookout for horse related topics to forward my research for a hopeful upcoming episode about the history of horses in the Marines. In the second picture you can see the Horse Marines in China which is what I hope to partially focus the episode on. An interesting band of Marines riding Mongolian ponies in China and for a stint lead by Mr. Marine himself “Chesty Puller.” If you’re near DC I recommend the museum. It’s free, fun, and filled with well presented and wonderful educational content.