No I’m not going to rant about an Alfred Hitchcock film. I promise! 🙂 As I said, I moved into this little house sorta out in the country. I mean there are neighbors and such but it feels pretty remote and the MCB Quantico is right across the street with miles of forest so it sorta is country. Anyway, the house was on the market for about 10 months before renting to me and as a sale home they had some typical trying to sell a house acutremon including a wreath on the door. Well I noticed a birds nest sitting at the bottom of the wreath when I moved in and thought “how odd to buy a wreath with a fake birds nest in it” but to my surprise it was a real birds nest. Who would have known, the rental came with it’s own pets although I only signed up for Picollo on the contract! Hah! Well not only did it come with a wreath and birds nest but it came with the mommy bird and 4 eggs. Recently the eggs have hatched and there are 4 baby birds and a mom now living on the front door! Sweet! I have some video footage but just haven’t had the time to actually do anything with it. The picture is from the camera on my phone so the quality isn’t fabulous but you’ll get the idea of 4 new lives on my front door!

Virginia is great! I’m pulling teeth and getting the run arouougnd from several different air equine agents but hoping one of them will actually pull through with a palette to provide a safe and efficient transport of Jo (the horse) from Oregon to Virginia. I’ve been running to keep in shape but I’m really missing riding and really want to get started on my freestyle!! Yah!