I’ve found a cute little house out in the country on about an acre. It’s not my ideal but it’s perfect for now as it’s quiet, roomy (almost too roomy since I don’t have any furniture) and best of all it was vacant and I could move in immediately so Jo could have the Jeep for checking into TBS. Thinking about it now, I’d really wish we’d checked out Fredericksburg but it’s all good. I have a lease until the end of the year and I’ll see what is happening at that time. I can’t believe I’m going to officially be in one spot for several months after my time moving around in Washington State and my long term lay over in Oregon. What a wild ride it’s been.

HorseGirlTV is going great. We are launching episode 4 “Athleticism of the Equestrian and Equine Athlete” and it’s just brilliant. I can’t wait to see the cowboy episode as Rich was wicked fun to talk with and the secondary shots we got were amazing!!! Check it out. We will “pump (clap) you up!” I love my job! www.horsegirltv.com/episode04.php