Okey. We’ve driven down Oregon and California. We’ve driven across Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and then it was just sorta a blur across the flat farm land, dairy cattle and such. We made it into Pittsburg so Jo could see Heintz stadium. I figured it would be a diversion that took us out about an hour but low and behold, we got off the freeway, pulled up to the stadium, pulled into a blocked off driveway, took photos and after handing out HorseGirlTV cards to a station wagon full of young girls asking about the trailer we were back on the road! Wow! That was TOO easy!

You’re right. It was. The tunnel we were supposed to go through was shut down and we were re-routed (along with a bagillion other vehicles on the road that hot PA day) on surface street through the most God-forsaken areas of town. We’re talking hookers and track marks here. One and a half hours later we were back on the road to Virginia. Jo got to not only see Heintz but a plethora of colorful crazy Pittsburg folks AND his dream house. South Dallas Avenue at Forbes, by the cemetary, Pittsburg, PA. Check it out when you’re in the neighborhood.

Next down into West Virginia. My goodness it’s amazingly beautiful and finally on down into Nokesville to drop off the trailer at Bluegrass Farm. Sherry and Mark were so nice as to let us park the trailer there while looking for a house. Now it’s on to finding a home and getting settled!

Holy cow! I’ve moved across the ENTIRE country. Wow! Let’s see… The list goes Texas to Oregon, Oregon to California (yes I know that’s backwards), California to Spain, Spain to Texas (because of Picollo’s surgery and lay up time), Texas to California, California to Washington (because I bought Jo, the horse), Washington to Germany (trip interrupted in Oregon) and now Oregon to Virginia. Where to next? Who knows?