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Happy 4th of July. Virginia is GREAT and I can’t wait to get to see Washington DC for the first time here very soon! Enjoy the commentary below. It’s wacky.

Rewind to a different era. In a July 4th, 1970 celebration, renowned ‘psychic’ Reverend Billy Graham addressed the gathered masses on the steps of our nation’s capitol. Our country, shattered at the time by the Vietnam War, and divided by the lingering affects of race riots two years previous, appear to be sinking into the abyss of chaos. Above the chanting protesters, Reverend Graham peered into his disco ball, through the rising marijuanan clouds, past leisure suilts made from plastic fabric, and managed a pretty good impression of Dionne Warwick’s friends. “In every country there is a dissent,” he offered as the protest litany rose. “But in American we have constructive dissent, and that’s what this country was built upon. But when dissent takes the form of violence and has no moral meaning, then dissent has become anarchy.” So, Reverend… they say everyone has a hidden talent and the Enquirer just called for you. They said they’d like your predictions for 2008!

More fireworks please! How about a sparkler to verify the fact that Billy Graham is starting to make Nostradamus look like your average horse betting schmuck! How about a mail bomb to stifle the masses holding their collective breath while would-be anarchists emerge out of the American woodwork, missing their connecting flights so they can take their suicide mission into the side of major US landmarks and attempt to hold a nation’s beliefs hostage! Yes, we American’s are very patriotic and we all love a good fireworks show with the fan-fair of a spectacular fly-by. Fireworks are cool but not on the 99th floor of the WTC and not with domestic flights! Bombs bursting in air you say? How about buses bursting in air in Russell Square? Star spangled banners? How about a banner of flames as an auto crashes into Glasglow airport?

Still with me?.. OK, speaking of cool, let me tell you about some of the lovely partying gifts for playing today’s game. Cool homicide fad; the drive-by. Chic terrorist act; the mail bomb. Hot high-tech trend; prowling the Internet preying upon naive and innocent victims you can exploit in any manner possible. All this can be yours and more, just for living in what us sentient beings call the 21st Century!

What has become of our world’s finest criminal minds? No more blazing subway shootouts, no more daring bank heists. No, today’s criminal has learned to hide conveniently behind the crime. Would be anarchist such as the Unabomber or the Oklahoma City perpetrators take no responsibility for committing their offenses. When I say responsibility I am not referring to the idea of owning up to the consequences. No, I mean the old fashioned notion of a criminal personally committing the act.

Fortunately for the deviously clever, modern convenience and technology have alleviated the annoying burden of personal responsibility. For crying outside, at least a car jacking requires the perpetrator to face the victim, eye to eye. Get some cajones amigo, knock off a convenience store, look the quivering attendant square in the face, do your best Fred Astaire for the camera and earn your hundred and change (usually in small denominations, because as the sign states they can’t break a Fifty, wink wink). Appalling? Not really. In fact, eliminate assault rifles and handguns while you’re at it. Give every petty thief, terrorist, and gang member a thirty-pound broad sword to lug around. Then we’ll all KNOW who the enemy is, and when they’re coming, because they’re going to be dog-ass tired. Sorry, no horses allowed, we wouldn’t want a ‘Jaust-by’ now would we? And while we’re at it, maybe the good ol’ Greek 300 had the right idea? Face you enemy, look him square in the eyes as you thrust your sword directly through his beating heart?

I suppose that with all this nostalgia for good ole fashioned crime and violence being bandied about you’re most likely thinking that I’m simply a GenX sniveler hearkening back to a ‘better time’ I barely remember. Quite frankly, I’ve never know any time to be any ‘better’ than the one I’m living in. I have truly never been so happy. So that narrows the problem down to what can only be summarized by good ol’ fashioned American bumper-sticker philosophy, ‘If You Don’t Like the United States, Then Get Out.’ As a matter of fact, ‘ been thinking of an international trip soon. Ah, Milano, Paris again or possibly Moscow! Anything south of the equator sounds good too… Maybe I’ll even research the possibility of a trip to Afghanistan, employment opportunities abound, and in fact I understand there exists a growing need for airline pilots there. But then again, I’m not interested in a crash course on flying just yet.