Well little old Ashland, Oregon has been receiving quite the dumping of snow recently and that’s all right by me. Considering I’m not driving right now due to the pain meds my oral surgeon prescribed. It’s been beautiful out at the farm and I just had to snap a few shots this morning to prove it. Note that Jo’s window is the middle window in this picture with my Jeep!

I haven’t ridden Jo in a week cause my jaw is just feeling rather unpleasant considering a tooth and all it’s root was chiseled from my jaw last week. It’s not too bad but I’m a bit sluggish and just not feeling a big spring in my step, much less the desire to sit the trot! This has been great timing as it may because the weathers sooo cold, Jo (I think) is enjoying being inside, I’m working LOTS on HorseGirlTV and really getting the project going. I was hopeful to have some great logo mocks by now but we hit a few small glitches in the path to success albeit nothing to write home about. I now have Taber (designer superstar) on the case and we should have some rocking samples tonight or tomorrow night. HorseGirlTV is so close to being so cool and I get more excited daily!

I’m thinking I’ll be back on the saddle within the next day or two and have been lunging Jo the past few days so he’s getting his little (actually huge) body moving again.

Oh yes… training in Germany! I spoke with Bemelmans this morning. He’s currently at Sunshine Tour training the team. I’m suppose to ring him on the 14th of March and work out details as I’ll probably be working initially with a good friend of his at least until he gets the team smoking for the European Dressage Championships! I’m really looking forward to finding a flat, finding a fabulous assistant, getting on the plane and heading over horse, dog and assistant in tow! Maybe I’ll stay longer than I’m expecting? Maybe I’ll come back to the states and move to California? Maybe I’ll surprise myself and end up in a state I’d never imagined before? The possibilities are limitless at this point. Perhaps it will be a HorseGirlTV motor coach touring up and down the east coast for a season and up and down the west coast for another? I so miss my friends in Spain and am actually quite bummed today that I did not make the trek now to compete at Sunshine Tour myself but tis all for the best and getting HorseGirlTV really vamped and ready before departing my home country is the best actually.