After much going round and round (and not just in the arena) with trying to get some sample logos and subsequent HorseGirlTV website samples we’ve decided on a direction. It has been a bit of a challenge in working with designers trying to convey “what is” HorseGirlTV but my long time colleague and developer extrodonaire (Taber) pulled through with some fabulous samples. It’s been brilliant to have him on board this early on to help develop the voice through the look and feel of HorseGirlTV.

We have decided to change direction with editing and I’m looking forward to my meeting this coming week with Brent at Jackhammer. I hear he’s a smashing editor and can bring some fresh style to the project.

We’re really starting to roll and I’ll be even more exciting when we’re really rolling video and shooting episodes on a regular basis. HorseGirlTV… It’s not gonna be what you think!