So Jo is going to be doing quite a bit of standing around the next week or so. Please note his demonstration in the picture! Heh! A component of show host perfect teeth entails getting my one (yep, I only have one!) wisdom tooth out. They’ll also be pulling the broken molar underneath it so I’m gonna be knocked out for a bit. I’ve heard horror stories about wisdom teeth extraction and I’m hoping I won’t become a statistic. I’m hoping I’ll be back in the swing of things very shortly as we’re planning to begin shooting HorseGirlTV, I’m in the throws of design and brand development and general final preparations not to mention keeping the horsey in shape. I’m sure Jo is going to love his sabbatical and will be more than willing to come back slowly lunging and hand walking!

Becky has been kind enough to agree to take me to the surgeon and pick me up. Thanks Becky! I’m sure I’ll be, at least, mildly entertaining after being under the knife and on knock-you-out drugs. I have a date with the remote control and HBO planned as I’m guessing I’ll be off and on sleeping/recovering. The oral surgeon I’m going to is in Ashland but the best dentist I’ve ever been to is in Medford. If you’re ever in the market, and they can fit you in, his practice is called Mountainside Dental Design, they are on State Street and my docs name is Dr. Randy. He’s fabulous, kind, and witty and his staff is uber-nice!

So I feel bad about Jo not getting out and worked while I’m out of commission but he’ll be fine. He might get to go outside some and his stall enormous, hay plentiful and water always flowing. Plus I’m sure I’ll feel well enough to walk over and ply him with handfuls of treats.

I’m going to phone Bemelmans this coming week and find out about scheduling for training and will plan from there. It’s all in the timing and I have to do what is best for the training schedule as well as HorseGirlTV! I’m getting sooooo excited to see the logo mock-ups! I might even share a sneak preview here so keep on checking in!